These Brands of Tea Have Twice as Much Fluoride as Public Water

Tea is praised as one of the healthiest drinks in the world. And, this is the truth. But, not every tea brand out there is good for you.

In fact, some tea brands are full of pesticides and fluoride. Flouride enters the tea while the plant is growing. The fluoride is absorbed from the soil and enters the plant’s leaves.

The amount of fluoride in teas varies due to the different production processes. 

Still, 94.9% of the fluoride in your cup of tea is absorbed by your body and increases the risk of poor health and numerous health issues.

Be Careful of Tea Quality: It Matters more than You May Think

When choosing a brand of tea for you and your family, make sure you choose wisely. Tea quality and purity are more important than you may think. 

The better the tea brand and its quality, the lower the risk of fluoride and pesticides inside.

According to research, white teas have the lowest amount of fluoride and are the richest in antioxidants. 

Some of the most popular brands of tea like Nestea, Lipton, and Arizona were found to have twice as much fluoride than public water due to using lower quality tea sources.

Green Tea: The Most Toxic Tea?

When buying tea, you need to be aware that some types of tea have more fluoride than other types. Below, check out some important info that you should think of the next time you’re in the store, searching for a box of tea:

  • Green teas usually have the highest amount of fluoride

Green tea leaves are exposed to high amounts of fluoride due to a long growing period. 

Matcha green tea powder was found to contain the highest amount of fluoride. And, most teas today have a higher concentration of fluoride than fluoridated water. 

  • Decaf tea contains higher levels of fluoride

According to Caries Research, decaf tea varieties had the highest level of fluoride. 

In another study, the fluoride level of decaf teas was significantly higher than that of caffeinated teas. 

The cause is the exposure of the tea leaves to high volumes of fluoridated water during the process of decaffeination. 

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