Boost Your Brain Function & Better Your Blood Flow with this Fruit Extract

Research shows that making simple dietary changes helps reduce memory issues in middle-aged and older adults. 

In the study named Pomegranate juice augments memory and FMRI activity in middle-aged and older adults with mild memory complaints, 32 subjects who reported memory problems were randomly assigned to consume 8 ounces of pomegranate juice while the other group took flavor-matched placebo beverage for a period of 4 weeks. 

During this period, the participants did memory tests, underwent MRI scans, and their blood was drawn for peripheral biomarkers prior to and after the intervention. 

What Did the Final Results Show?

After 4 weeks of following the recommendations, only the participants in the group that consumed pomegranate juice had major improvement in their verbal memory scores and the antioxidant levels in the plasma.

Compared to the placebo group, the pomegranate group had higher fMRI activity during the memory and verbal tasks which was a sign that the consumption of this juice boosts the blood flow to the vital brain areas associated with essential brain functions. 

In fact, this isn’t the first study that shows a beneficial effect on the brain from pomegranate juice consumption. 

There are several animal studies done that showed its neuroprotective characteristics and the ability to impede the formation of plaque and over-excitation of microglial cells that are linked with Alzheimer’s. 

Why Is Pomegranate so Important for a Healthy Brain?

Pomegranate may help in unclogging and toning the cardiovascular system, which is crucial in the case of vascular dementia. 

There are also reports on the capacity of juice from pomegranates to stop blockages in the carotid arteries in patients. 

Moreover, it can avert negative changes that have to do with ovarian function, and studies done with lab animals found that this juice may be a suitable alternative to bioidentical and synthetic hormone replacement therapies. 

The research on this fruit and the juice’s power to heal is ongoing and it definitely has a lot to offer. Here are some of the most popular health advantages that pomegranate consumption provides:

  • Pomegranate juice may prolong the doubling of the prostate and impede the proliferation and encourage cell death in prostate cancer
  • This juice has been found effective in contributing to weight loss without reducing insulin sensitivity which is the case with other sources of sugar 
  • It betters the health of the heart thanks to its ability to lower oxidative stress and balance the levels of cholesterol
  • Keeps the fetus in pregnant women protected and decreases oxidative stress in the placenta stress and optimizes the birth outcome
  • It may be of aid in reducing illness activity and oxidative stress in people with rheumatoid arthritis