Stop Using Gain Laundry Detergent: It Contains Harsh Cancer-Causing & Hormone-Disrupting Toxins

Laundry detergent is one of the most commonly used cleaning products throughout households. We use it to wash our clothes and eliminate stains.

But, not every detergent you buy is made the same way; unfortunately, plenty of detergents are packed with toxins and other harmful ingredients that may be the culprits for your health issues.

Moreover, they don’t just have a negative effect on your health but are also destructive to the environment. One such detergent is Gain. 

Unfortunately, despite being one of the most widely used detergents, it’s actually full of chemicals that are potentially destructive. Keep reading to learn more about the chemicals present in one of the most frequently used laundry detergents in the US!

Why Is Gain Laundry Detergent Harmful for Your Health & That of Your Family?

One of the major worries about the detergent for laundry by Gain is the synthetic fragrance presence. 

Namely, they’re included in the detergent to enable a pleasant smell; however, they’re usually a mixture of synthetic chemicals that can have negative effects on our health.

And, a lot of fragrances include phthalates. These are chemicals that have the capacity to disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system. What’s more, they’ve been associated with reproductive issues, including infertility and low sperm count. 

What’s more, Gain detergent for laundry contains lauryl sulfate or SLS. This surfactant is present in numerous other cleaning products, particularly laundry detergents, to improve the removal of stains and dirt.

Unfortunately, it’s a known skin irritant that may lead to irritated eyes and skin, as well as problems with the respiratory system upon inhalation. Also, SLS may be contaminated with a by-product that’s carcinogenic or 1,4-dioxane. 

The list doesn’t stop here: this laundry detergent also contains enzymes that are included to ease the breakdown of stains and boost the effectiveness of the detergent. 

But, in some individuals, they may trigger an allergic reaction. Also, some of the enzymes may come from animals so this may be an issue for vegans and other people who don’t use animal-derived products and ingredients.

One of the most worrisome ingredients in Gain laundry detergent is ethoxylated alcohol. This chemical is used as a surfactant and emulsifier in a long list of cleaning products.  And, they often contain several dangerous substances, including ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. 

The IARC classifies these chemicals as carcinogens. Prolonged exposure to them has been associated with a long list of health issues like cancer, developmental problems, and reproductive issues. 

This detergent is also said to contain a long list of other possibly harmful chemicals and one of them is methylisothiazolinone. This preservative has been associated with skin allergies and other allergic reactions.

Another one is quaternium-15, a formaldehyde-releasing preservative that has been linked with tumors. 

Unfortunately, these ingredients aren’t only present in this specific detergent. In fact, a lot of other laundry detergents have the same or similar chemicals. 

What to Do About the Chemicals in Gain Laundry Detergent?

If you regularly use Gain laundry detergent and you’re worried about exposure to these dangerous chemicals, you have several alternative options.

One of them is to stop using this detergent and switch to an eco-friendlier option that’s also more natural. The good news is that there are a lot of brands that make such detergents, free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, SLS, etc. 

Look for detergents that are made using plant-based ingredients only. These are gentle on the skin and the environment. 

Another great option is to make your own DIY laundry detergent using safe and natural ingredients like castile soap, borax, and washing soda. 

You can easily find a recipe for natural laundry detergent online. The process of making one is easy, fun, and rewarding and the most important aspect is that you’re the one controlling the ingredients inside. 

If you still decide to continue using Gain, make sure you follow the instructions and always use the recommended amount, never use excessive amounts! 

The overuse of detergent may cause excessive presence of chemicals on the clothes that may further irritate the skin. 

Our recommendation for a natural and eco-friendly laundry detergent is Truly Free. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and it’s excellent for people who want to avoid using laundry detergent with chemicals. 

It’s made of biodegradable and plant-based ingredients. This means that they dissolve pretty fast and naturally and don’t harm the environment. What’s more, they’re gentle on the skin and won’t lead to any irritations or allergies. 

This is ideal for people with allergies or skin sensitivities. 

Truly Free isn’t only providing eco-friendly products, but is also helping society by supporting charity. 

They’re focused on donating to organizations aimed at ending sex trafficking. So, when you’re buying their products, you’re not just helping yourself and the environment, but also donating to a good cause and leaving a positive mark on the world.