This Herbal Cream Cleared 87.7% of HPV Cases Naturally

Although there’s a widespread belief that HPV infections can only be fought with vaccines, there’s a lot of wisdom to be found in ancient herbal medicine.

In fact, in a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention named Clearance of Cervical Human Papillomavirus Infection by Topical Application of Curcumin and Curcumin Containing Polyherbal Cream: A Phase II Randomized Controlled Study, it was discovered that the practice of watchful waiting and vaccines aren’t the only ways to fight against HPV.

Nature has something very helpful to offer too. Let’s learn more below…

The Power of Natural Medicine in the Fight against HPV

The study mentioned above is believed to be the first to pinpoint a safe and effective method to clear HPV infections naturally. 

What’s more, the study also confirmed that an HPV infection is self-limiting and goes away on its own. This happened in 73.3 percent of the untreated, placebo group in a period of 37 days.

According to the researchers, they tested the effectiveness of two herbal choices in removing HPV from females diagnosed with an HPV infection via a pap smear and HPV DNA tests or PCR but their condition didn’t advance to high-grade cervical neoplasia. 

The first option they used was a polyherbal vaginal cream with extracts from curcumin, aloe vera, amla, and reetha known as Basant. 

The second option was a vaginal capsule from curcumin. In the two other placebo groups, they got either the capsule or the cream. 

How Were the Participants Instructed to Apply Their Therapies?

All 287 participants were told to apply the designated formulation once every day for 30 consecutive days (except during their menstrual period). After seven days after the first application, they did another colposcopy, cytology, and an HPV test. 

The results showed that the rate of clearance in the group that applied Basant was much higher than the two placebo groups, i.e. 87.7 % vs. 73.3%. 

Moreover, curcumin had a higher clearance rate of 81.3% than the placebo; however, the distinction wasn’t statistically important.

Moreover, itching and irritation in the vaginal area (mild to moderate) were much higher after the application of Basant although they didn’t report any serious side effects.

Even though the two herbal formulations cleared HPV significantly, the placebo group also had a high percentage of clearance, i.e., 73.3%. This is a confirmation that most HPVs will probably clear out of the body on their own thanks to our immune system.

The researchers emphasize that this isn’t a new finding due to already available documents that most of the infections with HPV are self-limiting and that the immune system is in charge of the clearance that happens spontaneously. 

Nature Is Our Ally, Not Our Enemy

Since there’s a common belief that HPV infections are lethal and the only forces we have against them are waiting and vaccination, this new study is a real refreshment and encouragement.

Namely, it shows that our bodies benefit from natural plants as they help us maintain our health in optimal condition. 

There’s also other research that indicates the anti-cancer properties of curcumin. This potent polyphenol in turmeric has long been researched for its healing properties, including its anticancerous properties on more than 100 different types of cancers.