10 Worst Habits: They Cause Bad Breath, Bleeding Gums & Yellow Teeth

It’s never too late for a new healthy healthy habit!

Breaking old habits causing your teeth and gums to be unhealthy starts with you! If you decide it’s high time you did something positive for a bright smile, nothing can stop you.

Below, learn which are the 10 worst habits that are causing your teeth to be yellow, your breath to smell bad, and your gums to bleed. 

Give them up one by one and notice your dental health improving significantly!

Stop Doing These 10 Things & Get Rid of Yellow Teeth, Bad Breath, and Bleeding Gums

  1. You binge eat at night

After a long day at work, it’s not easy to say no to sitting on the couch, watching your favorite show, and binge-eating your favorite food. 

This is just fine and normal from time to time; however, if you’re constantly binge-eating, you can damage the teeth and gums. 

This can increase the risk of cavities and gum issues, especially if you’re binge-eating unhealthier foods like sugary desserts and fast food. 

  1. You smoke or chew tobacco 

Despite all the scientific evidence showing the disastrous effects of smoking and chewing tobacco, a large part of the global population is smoking. 

Unfortunately, this addictive habit is to blame for poor oral health, among other factors. This is because of the chemicals found inside tobacco that wreak havoc on the oral and overall health of smokers. 

  1. You drink coffee excessively

Coffee is great and that first cup in the morning eases everything; the problem happens when we consume it excessively. 

This can lead the teeth to stain and become yellowish. 

Also, if you consume a lot of sugar, it will additionally worsen your oral health and contribute to cavities. 

Therefore, plenty of oral health care professionals recommend reducing the intake of coffee to at least one cup per day.

  1. You’re not brushing and flossing daily

Daily teeth and gum brushing and flossing are essential for our optimal oral health. This is why every oral health care professional is constantly emphasizing the importance of brushing and flossing on a regular basis. 

These routines can do wonders for your oral health and prevent yellow teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath. 

  1. You’re grinding your teeth

Grinding your teeth is a harmful habit because it contributes to chipped teeth or a higher risk of enamel loss. 

This is why it’s essential to recognize grinding early on and consult an oral health professional and discuss the possible options to keep this habit under control or eliminate it entirely. 

  1. You’re brushing your teeth excessively

Brushing harder, though you may have been taught the opposite, won’t clean your teeth better. It will actually harm both the teeth and the gums. 

The bristles of the toothbrush will start to damage the gums, without you even noticing, and cause bleeding. 

One of the best ways to brush teeth is in circular gentle motions and using soft bristle toothbrushes only. 

  1. You’re opening packages using your teeth

If you’re one of those people who’s using their teeth to open any packaging, you should really think about putting an end to this harmful habit. 

Ripping any type of packaging with your teeth is bad for the teeth and gums and may even cause a tooth to break. 

  1. You’re drinking acidic drinks 

Having orange juice from time to time is perfectly understandable. And, some of these drinks also have certain health advantages. 

The problem happens when you consume them excessively. Their high acidity can damage the teeth and cause them to develop unwanted changes. 

  1. You’re a nail biter 

If you’re a nail biter, you’re not just damaging your fingers and nails, but you’re also causing teeth and gum issues. 

When you’re biting your nails, you’re picking up a lot of bacteria from everything you touch. You may also contribute to infections and chipped teeth.

The bacteria you collect may also damage your teeth and gums so it’s vital to give up this harmful habit once and for all.

  1. You’re not using a mouthguard during sports

If you play sports, wearing a mouthguard is vital. This device protects against the loss of teeth or gum damage in case of an incident. 

A mouthguard is particularly important for players of full-contact sports like football or basketball. By wearing it regularly, you reduce the risk of dental problems.