Here Is Why Your Grandparents Did Not Have Leaky Gut Syndrome, but You Do! How to Heal from the Inside Out

Today, despite all of the luxuries and conveniences we have in this modern world, we also have a long list of health problems that our ancestors probably never experienced.

One such illness is leaky gut syndrome. The occurrence of leaky gut, when we delve deeper into the connection between diet, environment, and lifestyle, is anything but a coincidence. 

This article is focused on finding the reasons why gut issues are so common today, unlike in the past when our ancestors didn’t even know about such struggles.

By recognizing the root causes of the leaky gut and using adequate tools to resolve it, we can improve our health and well-being.

Learning to live at least a bit like our ancestors did could help. Let’s find out more!

The Gut of Our Grandparents: The Simpler & Healthier Era 

If you could ask your grandparents and great-grandparents, most of them would probably tell you that they rarely struggled with gut issues.

On the other hand, today, there’s an epidemic of digestive problems and they’re worsening and increasing with each coming generation.

Here are possible reasons why our grandparents struggled with fewer gut issues than we do: 

  • They ate seasonal, real food

In the early 1900s, food came from local markets and farms. There were no food preservatives so the food was as fresh and as natural as possible.

This isn’t the case today when the market is full of processed foods. In the past, our ancestors got their fiber from fresh foods. 

This fiber is essential for feeding good gut bacteria and preventing overgrowth of harmful bacteria. 

The presence of fiber in their diets contributed to natural detoxification and promoted a healthy and balanced gut. 

The infants who drank breast milk got the necessary probiotics and prebiotics and the delicate ecosystem in their developing gut microbiome was well supported. 

  • They didn’t have chronic constipation due to gallbladder or liver problems 

Unlike our diets today which are full of foods that disrupt the liver-gallbladder balance, the eating habits of our grandparents supported a smooth digestive process. 

The bile acids, produced in the liver and released in the gallbladder, are essential for the regulation of their gut health and well-being. 

Our ancestors didn’t overload their bodies with unhealthy foods and therefore struggled less with constipation and bloating. 

  • They didn’t use supplements 

Supplement intake wasn’t common in the past and yet they had a thriving gut-liver axis. 

This is because certain supplements like vitamin A, iron, copper, and some herbs may put a burden on the liver by requiring it to work harder.

This potentially increases the risk of functional problems and poorer gut health.

  • They didn’t struggle with liver injuries due to medications

In the past, because there were no meds, our grandparents and great-grandparents resolved illness with a more natural approach. 

They choose healing foods and herbs and trusted in the healing power of the body. 

They rested and didn’t put extra strain on their liver which contributed to an overall healthy gut microbiome. 

  • They didn’t obsess over wellness and diets

Nowadays, we have a wide range of diets and lifestyle trends that promote the consumption of certain foods and supplements. 

However, in the past, our grandparents didn’t obsess over diets and consumed mostly plant foods and non-processed foods that supplied them with the nutrients they needed. 

Today, the marketing of the wellness culture has triggered diet behavior in people that’s counterproductive to our overall health and well-being. 

  • They ate home-cooked meals

Once upon a time, there were no restaurants or places where our ancestors could order food from. 

They knew only about home-cooked meals and preparing them from scratch was normal. 

Their home-cooked meals had no additives or preservatives. Their traditional cooking methods contributed to their stronger gut health.

  • They didn’t know about additives, GMO foods, thickeners, or synthetic herbicides

In the past, food didn’t contain chemicals. 

Today, a lot of food products are GMOs and contain additives, pesticides, and herbicides that wreak havoc on our gut health and overall well-being. 

  • They spent time outdoors and weren’t afraid of getting dirty 

The time spent outdoors played a vital role in the lives of our ancestors. Their daily interaction with nature had profound benefits on their gut well-being. 

Unlike today’s modern environment where everything is clean, sanitized, and spotless, our ancestors had a more hands-on approach to life. 

They weren’t afraid to get dirty while working, they used bikes to get from one place to another and used every moment to spend it in nature. 

This resulted in stronger immunities and a balanced gut microbiome.