If You Plant These Medicinal Seeds in Your Garden, This Is What You Should Expect

Stuck with a terrible migraine and you don’t want to reach for an OTC again?! -No worries, there are natural remedies you can try that will provide relief.

We have nature’s powerful resources and they offer stunning healing properties that our ancestors relied on. 

They didn’t know about meds because they didn’t exist and used the power of nature to fight off a long list of health issues. 

However, although natural remedies offer a variety of healing benefits, the ones sold in stores or in online shops are commercially grown and a lot of them may contain additives, and toxins and may be stripped away of their medicinal characteristics. 

This is why it’s better to have plants planted in your garden or pick them from the wild. They’re rich in healing compounds that will ensure optimal effects on your well-being. 

How to Start Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden?

The list of healing plants is long. To get the most out of a plant, it’s best to source the seeds from the country where you live. This is to ensure the climate is suitable for them.

Always choose non-GMO and organic seeds and use ones that will cover all of your specific health needs.

Nicole Apelian’s Medicinal Garden Kit is a great starting kit. It comes with ten pouches of seeds with ten types of plants. 

It also provides a guide Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies with which you can learn about the healing properties of each plant, as well as planting instructions and a list of 65 remedies you can make using these plants.


The Healing Properties of the Herbs in the Plant Kit

In the kit, you get calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, chicory, evening primrose, yarrow, lavender, echinacea,  feverfew, and California poppy. 

The feverfew is a great remedy for headaches-make a cup of tea and enjoy its calming and healing properties. 

Marshmallow is great for making tea which will soothe an upset stomach and lower digestive discomfort. It’s also awesome when you’re down with a cold. 

Yarrow tincture is amazing for the treatment of small burns and cuts and it can also soothe insect bites. The California poppy tincture can help you deal with insomnia by encouraging relaxation and making you feel sleepy. 

You can make a healing salve using calendula. It will do wonders for wounds and rashes. UTIs can be relieved using echinacea tincture. These are only some suggestions about how to use the plants you plant in your garden to heal and soothe.

You can start improving your health starting today! Invest in your garden! Give the best care to your plants and you’ll benefit from them for a variety of health issues!