Try These Herbs If You Need to Strengthen Your Bones

By now, most people know that following a healthy and balanced diet and being physically active on a regular basis is pivotal for optimal health.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that there are specific herbs and spices that you can add to your diet because they help strengthen your immunity and make your bones stronger. 

Our ancestors used these folk remedies to relieve various health issues, from colds and the flu to body pain. They also consumed certain herbs and spices to have healthier and stronger bones. 

Let’s learn all about the best herbs to enjoy healthy and strong bones as you age!

Best Herbs for Healthy Bones 

  1. Nettle 

Calcium is the go-to nutrient for healthy and strong bones.

And, calcium isn’t only found in dairy products like cheese and milk-you can also acquire it from certain herbs. 

One of them is nettle. Nettle is abundant in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K, nutrients that help keep your bones strong. You can add nettle to spices and stews or consume nettle tea to reap the benefits. 

  1. Dandelion greens 

Abundant in calcium, vitamins A, C, and K, dandelion greens are a great way to acquire more calcium and enjoy healthier and stronger bones. 

You can consume it in tea form or combine it in other dishes like stews and soups to benefit from its abundance of nutrients.

  1. Horsetail 

Horsetail is rich in magnesium. This mineral is essential for the health of the bones and by adding herbs abundant in magnesium to your diet, you’re ensuring better bone health. 

For centuries, horsetail has been used to promote healthy and strong bones. 

It has impressive mineral concentration and the presence of silica which is known to promote the production of collagen which is vital for the bones’ density. 

  1. Parsley 

When you consume parsley, you supply your body with vitamin D and other important nutrients. 

This vitamin is crucial for the health of the bones and their density. 

You can acquire this vitamin from the sunlight; however, there are also great herbs that will boost the presence of this vitamin in your body, including certain herbs like parsley. In addition to this vitamin, you also get calcium and magnesium from regular consumption of parsley.

  1. Red clover 

This herb is great for women in the menopausal period. It will elevate the production of estrogen and impede the progression of osteoporosis. 

It will help women in this part of life to preserve their bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis and loss of bone density.

  1. Arnica montana

This herb is used to relieve injuries and fractures. It helps speed up the healing of bones by promoting bone cell regeneration. 

Use it to relieve torn ligaments, tendons, and sprained muscles. It can be taken orally in the form of extracts or applied topically to encourage faster wound healing and recovery. 

  1. Hawthorn 

The hawthorn berry may aid bone repair by improving the blood flow in the affected area. 

It also encourages a better supply of oxygen, calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients to the tissues of the bones. It may also increase the production of collagen and better bone density.