Highly Intelligent People & Messy Houses: Unraveling the Genius in Clutter

What makes a person a genius?-We all have an image in our heads of what a genius would look like and which are the characteristics of smart and successful people. 

That image is usually of a focused and creative person beyond the average. They may also have a photographic memory, are eloquent communicators, rarely swear, and they’re neat and concise. 

But, these are just stereotypes we create in our heads and aren’t necessarily true. Believe it or not, a lot of geniuses aren’t neat at all! On the contrary, they’re quite messy, often curse, and stay up late. 

And, despite these things, they’re still more intelligent than others!

Messy People: Smarter People?

According to findings concluded by a group of scientists from the University of Minnesota, messy people may have a higher IQ than the average person. 

Therefore, if your working desk isn’t spotless and your colleagues are constantly asking you how you’re able to find your way around, tell them that this isn’t a problem for you because a messy desk is a sign of your brilliance. 

Although your place is messy, you know where everything is and you can find it easily. The reason behind the messiness is your intelligence. Subconsciously, you leave the thing unorganized since it makes you more creative. And, creativity is associated with geniuses. 

This study also notes that geniuses may leave their desks messy since they use the time that they would otherwise spend on cleaning and organizing for more important creative processes. 

For example, rather than spending an hour or so cleaning up the mess, they will do market research or another activity that will help advance their business. 

Individuals with Higher IQs go to Bed Later 

You have probably heard it a million times: successful entrepreneurs and individuals often go to bed early and wake up at 5 am. But, this is only a fairytale for grownups and there’s even a study that debunks this 5 am club theory. 

As the night falls and you’re done with your daily obligations, you lay down on your bed and your body relaxes and the mind follows. 

This is the moment when lots of groundbreaking ideas appear and this is why sleep is often something that many geniuses sacrifice when they want to achieve greatness. 

This is because the mind is often too busy during working hours to process different information. The focus is on doing the job. 

The good news is that there are plenty of successful people who use their nights to come up with important ideas and focus on growth. For example, Elvis Presley, Barack Obama, and Charles Darwin. 

Cursing Is a Sign of Intelligence?

Society, culture, and bon-ton adamantly disapprove of cursing and profanity use. People who curse a lot are considered to be less intelligent than those who don’t. 

But, this isn’t 100 percent accurate. Smart people also curse a lot. And, cursing and intelligence sometimes go hand in hand. 

The first connection between intelligence and cursing is that if you don’t know any curse words, your vocabulary is limited. And, the second point is that when intelligent individuals use curse words, they release negative energy and restore their focus. 

To conclude, smart individuals may be messier due to their higher impulsivity. These are also people who love to improvise but also find creativity in their solutions. Also, they care less about some things like keeping their place organized and bon-ton. 

So, the next time someone calls you messy, stupid, or uneducated, show them these studies and just smile. You might very well be a genius!