Synthetic GMO Milk Is Hitting Store Shelves Everywhere- Watch Out for These 14 Dairy Brands

We live in an age of technological advancements happening in many different parts of our lives. One of these areas is the food industry.

But, not all of these innovations are ones we should embrace. Unfortunately, the development of synthetic GMO products has caused a lot of controversy.

GMO synthetic milk and other synthetic dairy products are some of the food products already including synthetic GMOs. Unfortunately, the presence of these products is increasing on grocery shelves globally.

As a result, people are constantly doubting the safety and integrity of the food and drinks they consume.

Many countries have taken a stand against GMO products and banned them. For example, Asia, Canada, South America, and some European states.

How to Navigate the Dairy Isle: 14 Controversial Dairy Brands Using GMO 

GMO-Free USA’s initiative released a list of 14 brands selling dairy products suspected of the undisclosed presence of synthetic GMO proteins in their products.

The goal of this list is to enlighten consumers and promote safety. 

This list can help people who want to make conscious and informed choices about their diet choices. Unfortunately, GMO proteins may increase the risk of certain health problems due to not being thoroughly tested and because their long-term effects on human health remain unknown.

This list raises a long list of questions about the safety and transparency in the food industry. The lack of labeling is one of the concerning facts. Consumers are left in the dark about what they’re buying and eating.

This makes it harder and harder to make informed and safe diet choices.

Let’s take a look at the 14 controversial brands:

  1. Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwich 

Cool Haus has caught the attention of younger consumers because of its trendy and unique flavors. 

But, behind this facade, you’ll find lots of synthetic additives that make you question their products and their transparency about their ingredient sourcing.

  1. Brave Robot Ice Cream

This brand is known for its futuristic approach to ice cream making; however, its use of synthetic ingredients, especially the ones derived from GMO technology raises health-related and ethical concerns. 

Though they’re innovative, their long-term effect on humans remains unknown.

  1. Nick’s Ice Cream 

This ice cream has come under lots of scrutiny for the potential presence of GMO ingredients in its ice cream products. 

Their use of synthetic elements has led to a reassessment of their health implications. Therefore, consumers should think twice before they decide to indulge in their ice creams. 

  1. Bored Cow Fake Milk 

Bored Cow is one of the alternative dairy players. They’ve recently raised eyebrows due to the potential presence of GMO ingredients. 

Though they offer a replacement for conventional milk, their use of synthetic components is worrisome, especially for people looking to stay away from synthetic GMOs.

  1. Strive Fake Milk 

Although it’s marketed as a modern alternative to dairy milk, Strive relies on synthetic origin ingredients, especially GMO ones. 

This has raised concerns about the safety and nutritional value of their products. 

  1. Apollo Fake Milkshake Protein Powder 

This protein powder for milkshakes is marketed towards people looking to add a healthy and protein-rich ingredient to their diet; however, the use of synthetics and fake milk protein is concerning for people trying their best to avoid GMOs.

  1. JuiceLand 

JuiceLand is known for its smoothies. However, they’ve been criticized lately due to the use of fake milk protein in their products. 

Although their drinks are marketed as healthy alternatives, the use of synthetic milk proteins raises concerns about their nutritional value and effects on human health.

  1. Whey FWRD Fake Whey Protein

Whey FWRD protein supplement is marketed towards fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people. 

However, the claims of their safety and health advantages are now being questioned because of the suspected use of synthetic whey protein. 

  1. Cowabunga 

Cowabunga has been identified as a possible source of hidden synthetic ingredients in their dairy products. 

The insufficient transparency of their ingredient list is urging consumers to become more cautious about those trying to avoid GMOs. 

  1.  Nurishh 

This brand is believed to contain synthetic ingredients and GMOs. 

If you’re a consumer trying to follow a healthier diet, you should approach this brand cautiously and stay informed about their products’ ingredients. 

  1. Modern Kitchen Fake Cream Cheese 

Modern Kitchen’s Fake Cream Cheese is a twist on traditional cream cheese; however, it’s recently come to the spotlight for its use of synthetic ingredients. 

  1. Chocolate bars with Fake Milk Protein 

Generic chocolate bars with fake milk protein are worrisome because they’re marketed toward the healthier population and are regularly present in grocery stores. 

And, they may not be as healthy as they’re claimed to be. The presence of synthetic ingredients raises lots of questions about brands’ ethics and use of healthy ingredients. 

  1. Renewal Mill Vanilla Cake Mix with Fake Egg Protein 

Renewal Mill’s vanilla cake mix includes synthetic egg protein which isn’t an ingredient that aligns with the preferences of people following a healthy and GMO-free diet. 

  1. CO2COA

This may be another brand that includes synthetic and GMO-derived ingredients in its products. 

Same as it’s the case with the other 13 brands, always think twice before reaching for products from this brand until their product ingredients are fully disclosed.