Man Starts a ‘Rent-a-Daddy’ Service for $30/Hour to Help Single Moms

Raising children can be tough, but this dad from Australia showed that he is ready to step up and help if necessary.

This dad, who seems to be searching for a new career, shared a comical plea offering his services as a ‘rent-a-daddy’. 

Jake Orr from Blue Haven in New South Wales shared a list of tasks that he’s willing to do as a ‘rent-a-daddy’. They include dropping off the kids to school and picking them up from school, teaching kids how to mow the lawn, attending sports events, and helping out mothers. 

The trucker Jake, offering his service to step in for deadbeat fathers, wrote: “Has your baby daddy been acting up? Tired of him playing games? Does he put drugs and his mates before kids? Get yourself a rent-a-daddy.” 

Man Starts a Rent-A-Daddy Service for Single Moms 

The cheeky dad shared on his Instagram and Facebook that his rentals were available for one or two weekends every month and that they include up to three activities that the child can choose.

He didn’t forget to mention that the family birthday parties and other events would be charged extra, as well as any family selfies and Facebook relationship statuses. 

Interested customers would need to pay him $30 per hour, a standard rate for his services. This price has a 20 percent surcharge for Sundays after 4 pm. If the renters want to have a dinner date with him, they’re expected to pay for the meal. 

He also wrote that any private time is negotiable upon application and that the children need to be asleep or absent. To ensure he’s available as much as he can, the rent-a-daddy offered several payment options, including debit, cash, Zip Pay, and Afterpay. 

Any interested parents will no longer have to wait for their other halves to tend to the kids or go to sports games they would rather skip. 

Immediate Acceptance or Not? 

People were quick to take up the rent-a-daddy up on his offer. He had more than 1,000 comments on his Facebook post. Some individuals praised his awesome concept whereas others jokingly asked if they could hire him despite not having kids.

One woman asked him if she could borrow her friends’ children for the day and tagged her friend in the comments.

One person joked and asked: “Does he have the right credentials? Working with children check?Car?License? 6 pack?Good in bed?” 

Other people tagged their other halves in the comment and “warned” them to “not act up” or they would be replaced with the rent-a-daddy. 

Not everyone accepted this man’s bold career move. Some people seriously questioned his credentials whereas others suggested he wasn’t cut out for this job because he was holding a beer in his hand.