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Beautiful Humans: A Man Comforts a Gorilla That Lost Its Mother

A Park Ranger Comforts A Sad Gorilla That Lost Its Mother

With certainty, losing a parent is one of the most tragic experiences in life. And, this deep sadness and feeling of emptiness and despair isn’t exclusive to humans-according to what we can see on this heartbreaking photo taken by photographer Phil Moore. This mountain gorilla’s mother was killed by poachers […]

Bees: The most Invaluable Species?

Bees Voted To Be The Most Important Living Beings On Earth

Unfortunately, the decline in bee population in the past decade has been concerning environments and governments worldwide. This doesn’t come as a surprise if we take into account these species’ importance for the human wellbeing and the ecosystems. Many refer to them as the most invaluable species on the planet […]

Almost Extinct Pink Dolphin Gives Birth to a Pink Calf

Almost Extinct Pink Dolphin Gives Birth to a Pink Calf

A pink dolphin is believed to have birthed a very rare pink calf. This unusual creature, called Pinky, has been seen swimming with her pink baby in Calcasieu River, Louisiana. She and her calf were photographed while jumping near a boat in the river. This pinkish creature became popular some […]