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10 “Healthy” Foods which Nutritionists never Eat!

10 “Healthy” Foods which Nutritionists never Eat!

Unfortunately, a lot of the healthy foods on supermarket shelves nowadays are disguised junk foods. But, thanks to the good cover, you have no idea that they can do more harm than good. You end up buying them thinking that they will better your health when they are in fact […]

Oncologists Urge You to Stop Eating these 8 Foods that Are Proven to Cause Cancer

Top 8 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating NOW

Cancer can be caused by different reasons, including genetics, tobacco usage, poor diet, lack of physical activity, some infections, as well as chronic exposure to environmental chemicals and radiation. According to researchers, your daily habits such as physical activity and diet, may be contributing to your risk of cancer more […]

6 Foods You Had No Idea Were Destroying Your Hormones and Your Skin

6 Foods That Are Destroying Your Hormones And Skin

During teenage years, it is not uncommon for both girls and boys to struggle with acne. However, this does not happen in puberty only and in some people, it may a problem in their adult years, often times, as a consequence of hormonal imbalances or polycystic ovaries (in women). In […]