12 Surprising Health Benefits of Lemons & Limes You Probably Have Not Heard of

Did you know that citrus fruits make an excellent addition to various foods and drinks? One well-known citrus fruit, i.e. lemon, is known for its potent cleansing and immunity-strengthening properties. When you add it to homemade beverages, you will significantly boost its healing capacity. Amazing, right?

Lemon-an Amazing Fruit

Lemons are bigger than limes and have a bright yellow rind and flesh. They are rich in essential oils like limonene and they are beneficial alkaline fruits.

What about Limes?

They have a smaller size than lemons and green flesh and skin and a rather sour taste. However, despite their acidic taste, they are actually alkaline fruits.

How Can Lemons and Limes Better Your Health?

  • Abundant in vitamins B6 and C, as well as folate, flavonoids, limonene, and potassium
  • They contain phytochemicals which have anti-cancer characteristics and cleanse the body
  • A tbsp of freshly-squeezed lemon juice taken an hour prior to meals is known to alleviate the symptoms of asthma
  • To get rid of toxins and pain in the soles, massage them for several minutes with a lemon wedge
  • They have potent antiviral properties which can kill cholera bacilli. Mix equal parts of lemon/lime and water and drink a glass of it daily
  • Mix fresh lemon/lime juice with a liter of boiling water and mix it with a tsp of honey. Drink it before bed to alleviate colds
  • With the help of warm lemon water and a tsp of honey, you can regulate your bowel movements
  • Since lime and lemon juice mimic digestive enzymes, they can be of great aid for poor digestion, belching, and bloating
  • Soak the feet in lemon juice and warm water mixture to cool them down, soothe the nerves, and increase the chances for a good night’s sleep
  • Warm lemon water mixed with a pinch of Himalayan salt swished in the mouth for a bit can be effective against swollen gums
  • Mix a glass of water and 2 tsp of lemon/lime juice to treat heartburn
  • These alkaline fruits can be the best ally in the fight against arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and sciatica
  • If you have dry and scaly skin patches, massage them with some lemon peel to moisturize and make them softer
  • Sore throat can be efficiently stopped with the help of a gargle with warm lemon water and a pinch of sea salt.

Important to Note:

Since citrus peels can trigger allergic reactions, make sure you test it prior to using it in bigger amounts.