10 Industrial Uses For Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit For Human Consumption

Did you know that Indian farmers have been frequently using Pepsi and Coca Cola as a cheaper alternative to pesticides?! According to CSE, one of the leading voluntary agencies in India, soft drinks like these two are full of pesticide deposits so a lot of farmers use them to get rid of pests without having to spend a lot of money on conventional pesticides.

As you may already now, the cleaning properties of Coca Cola have been tested in different scenarios and it can be compared to the brands meant for cleaning oil stains, tile grout, and strip paint. Back in 2013, the CSE assessed samples from twelve different soft-drink manufacturers and found that they all had residues of four toxic insecticides and pesticides.

What Did the Study Show?

The four insecticides and pesticides were DDT, lindane, chlorpyrifos, and malathion. The study showed that the chlorpyrifos was 42 times higher than EEC norms whereas the residues of malathion were 87 times higher and then ones of lindane were 21 times higer. In Coca Cola, the concentration of the contaminants was 45 times higher and in Pepsi, 37 times than the allowed EEC limit.

In addition, according to the study, each of the samples was toxic enough to lead to nervous system damage, reproductive system damage, birth problems, and problems with the immunity.

The Coca Cola Company vs. Farmers

As seen on Simple Capacity, the company strongly disagrees with the claim that their products can be used as pesticides. What’s more, agricultural specialists believe that it is a mistake of the farmers to think that these drinks have the same properties as pesticides. According to them, when applied onto crops, they can attract red ants and feed on the larva of insects.

Other Unbelievable Uses of Coca Cola and Pepsi

  • Removal of blood stains from clothes
  • Polishing pennies
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Removal of grease stains from clothes
  • Slug and snail destroyer
  • Removal of rust stains from pools
  • It can help get rid of chewing gums stuck in hair
  • Beneficial for the cleaning of car engines
  • It can help clean burnt pans and pots

Check out the video below to learn more about the practice of using Coca Cola and Pepsi as a pesticide:




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