Alkaline Water Recipe: It Will Alkalize the Body, Trigger Weight Loss, and Avert Fatigue

In order to maintain an optimal health, you need to drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. Water is crucial so that our organs can function optimally at all times. The recommended amount is 6 to 8 glasses. But, there are specific cases when water on its own cannot help with the pH of the body. This is where alkaline water can help!

 What Is Alkaline Water and Why Should We Drink it?

Alkaline water is a type of water rich in vitamin C, pectins, bioflavonoids, and other nutrients which will keep the immunity, digestion, and cardiovascular system healthy. The essential oils in it have strong antioxidant abilities and can lower the detrimental effects of free radicals.

Alkaline water has the power to decrease the acidity in the body and provide the needed nutrients. To keep the body healthy, we need our pH levels to remain between 7.35 and 7.45. But, this is not often the case and people experience an acidic body, which can be caused by eating more acidic than alkaline foods. An acidic body contributes to the deposition of toxins and what’s more, tissues begin to worsen and the chance for serious illnesses becomes higher. Acidity may also trigger cell death or make them cancerous.

To avert this from happening, alkaline water is the best option. This is because it will expel acidic waste and restore the pH balance by oxygenating the cells. Proper hydration with alkaline water will decrease tiredness and prevent premature aging. Of course, you also need to make better diet choices by introducing healthier and alkaline foods.

If you want to lose surplus weight, alleviate tension headaches, decrease stress, and fight off fluid retention and if you want to better your overall physical and mental health, make sure you check out the recipe below!

Recipe for Alkaline Water

You will need:

One organic lemon

A tsp of Himalayan salt

2 l of purified water

Preparation: First, disinfect the lemon with some water and ACV and then cut it into slices and add it to a container with the water. Sprinkle the salt and stir the content with a silicone spatula. Cover it and leave it overnight at room temperature.

Use: The next morning, drink one or two glasses half an hour before breakfast.

Important to note:

  • People diagnosed with hypertension should avoid this alkaline beverage
  • Never drink more than 2 glasses per day
  • Stay away from fast and processed foods and drinks
  • Follow a balanced diet and exercise daily

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