Add This Gourd in Your Juices – Excellent for the Blood Pressure and Brain

Chayote is a hard, greenish, and pear-shaped plant originating from Mexico and it is known for its abundance in nutrients. Interestingly, this plant has a unique look, i.e. on the other side of the stem, it reminds of a mouth without teeth and when cut open there is only one soft seed. In addition to its one-of-a-kind appearance, this plant has amazing health benefits to offer and you can check out the best ones below.

The Best Healing Properies of Chayotte

Maintains the health of the thyroid gland

Chayote is abundant in copper and iodine which are necessary for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland. Consume it on a regular basis.

Encourages weight loss

If you want to shed those few extra pounds you have gained during the holiday season, make sure you add chayotte to your daily meals and drink. It is abundant in manganese, a nutrient, which assists the body in converting fat and protein into energy.

Betters the health of the skin

As it contains zinc, chayotte averts acne and purifies the skin. This is because zinc is a nutrient which regulates the hormones and minimizes the skin’s oiliness.

Alleviates leg cramps

In a lot of cases, leg cramps may indicate insufficient levels of potassium and magnesium. This being said, chayotte can be of great aid because it is abundant in these two pivotal minerals.

Betters the respiratory health

Did you know that chayotte has the power to alleviate cold and flu symptoms like coughing, surplus phlegm, and runny nose? Add it to soups and stews for optimal effect.

Strengthens the brain

For an enhanced brain function, add this potent plant to your fresh juices to nourish your brain function and improve the memory.

Treats constipation

The dietary fiber from chayote can be an excellent way to speed up the metabolism and encourage bowel movements.

Improves the health of the heart

The vitamin B present in chaoyte can avert the building up of homocysteine, an amino acid which is known to elevate the chance for strokes and heart problems.

Strengthens the bones

The vitamin K in this plant is highly recommendable for stronger bones and teeth.

Keeps the blood pressure under control

When regularly consumed, chayote juice will help you balance the blood sugar levels.

Minimizes the risk for cancer

Chayote contains vitamin C which contains antioxidant properties that are pivotal for keeping the cells safe from radical damage.

Tips for Consumption

  • Raw in salads
  • In soups and stews
  • Light roasting
  • In smoothies and juices
  • In fruit and veggie salads

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