Elderly Man With Terminal Cancer Walks Out Of Hospice After Treatment With Cannabis Oil

A cancer patient successfully treated his cancer after nine months of consuming different forms of cannabis oil. His treatment was comprised of taking a cannabis capsule infused with coconut oil around 10:30 in the morning and THC-rich cannabis oil an hour before going to bed.

Stan Found Comfort in Cannabis after Chemo and Radiation almost Killed Him

According to the medical community, chemotherapy and radiation save lives and doctors, especially oncologists, claim that their chemical-laden therapies increase the survival rate among patients. Unfortunately, as almost everyone already knows, the problem with chemo and radiation is that they do not just destroy the cancer cells, but the good ones as well and therefore, patients who undergo these therapies experience all kinds of side effects, from nausea to hair loss.

Stan and Barbara Rutner are a devoted couple who have been together for almost 60 years and have both worked hard to fight off cancer. 25 years ago, Stan, a retired dentist was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma whereas Barbara had successfully fought off breast cancer twice.

After undergoing 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy, his cancer was in remission, back in 1989. Meanwhile, he moved on with his life without being aware that he would have to fight cancer again in 2011 when it spread to the lungs. He was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and brain metastasis. The chemo and radiation took their toll and Stan was very tired, lost a lot of weight, and battled chronic nausea. Although he was very weak and was given only a few months to live, Stan and his wife tried out all kinds of alternative methods to treat his cancer, from acupuncture and Reiki.

He also tried creative visualization which had helped his wife when she was battling cancer herself. Then, they learned more about medicinal cannabis and decided to try daytime cannabis capsule with coconut oil because they had nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain. Within only a couple weeks of cannabis, Stan’s health significantly improved and he gained weight, slept better, and was stronger and less tired. He even started exercising.

In 2013, he did an MRI in order to see how his condition was and the oncologists were flabbergasted and there was no evidence whatsoever of the illness. He is very grateful to everyone who tried to help him, but he believes that it cannabis was the main “culprit” for his recuperation.

As noted by Dave Mihalovic, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in vaccine research and holistic approach to cancer treatment, no chemo drug has actually treated or resolved the underlying cause of cancer and what mainstream medicine considers a successful chemo treatment is the ability to manage the symptoms. But, this happens at a cost of interfering with other important physiological functions in patients that lead to the horrible side effects. Unfortunately, when chemo drugs kill cancerous cells, they also encourage the healthy cells to make a protein which encourages tumor growth and make the cells resistant to further cancer therapy.

Chemotherapy Actually Encourages Cancer Growth

A co-author of a study, Peter Nelson, he and his team have discovered that healthy cells being harmed by chemo secrete a high amount of WNT16B, a protein which encourages the survival of cancerous cells. In addition to helping cancer cells spread, this protein makes them resistant to further treatment. In cancer therapy, the cancer cells often respond well in the beginning whereas afterwards, a fast re-growth follows as well as resistance to chemo.