How to Grow Your own Organic Food- Pallet Gardening is the Answer

Have you heard about pallet gardening for growing veggies? You need only few simple items for it, i.e. several veggie seeds, a wood pallet, and quality soil. The raised bed pallet garden can be created in various ways and it can be constructed in a day or two without spending a small fortune.

This Is what You Need

Opt for new and clean pallets and opt for raised bed gardening because raised beds prolong the season for planting and can lower weeds when properly constructed. Also, they decrease the need for poor native soil. What’s more, as you will not walk on the raised beds, the soil will not be compacted and the roots will grow much easier. And, the close spacing of the plants and the compost use lead to higher yields which is not the case with conventional row gardening. High-raised bed allow for elderly and physically-disabled individuals to grow their veggies without having to bend over for trimming. You can simply sit on the edge of the bed and remove any weeds.

How Tall Should Your Raised Garden Be?

The most usual height is 11 or 2 stacked 2” x 6” boards. For a taller bed, the taller you go, the more pressure will the weight of the soil add to the side and will bow them outward. You can avert this from happening by implementing cross-supports. Also, the requirements for the depth of the soil depend on the veggies you plan on planting.