Oregano Oil: How to Use It to Treat Pain, Sores & Infections without Drugs

Oregano essential oil is derived from oregano flowers and leaves and this perennial herb belongs to the mint family. Believe it or not, wild oregano oil is considered to be one of the most powerful therapeutic oils ever! Usually, most of us add oregano to boost the flavor of various meals; however, you can use it to prepare your own herbal oil that can improve your health in so many different ways…

Beneficial Uses of Oregano Oil

Treats fungal infections

Soak the feet in a mixture of warm water and several tsp of oregano oil or dilute the oil with a drop of some carrier oil and use it to massage the affected areas of the nails and feet.

Speeds up the healing of colds and sinus infections

In a pot of boiling water, add a couple of drops from the oil and then inhale the vapors.

Eliminates infections and parasites

Dilute the oil with carrier oil and place a tsp of it under the tongue and then rinse the mouth. Repeat the procedure up to 4 times per day.

Soothes sore throat

Drink a mixture of a glass of water and several drops of oregano oil to alleviate sore throat and toothache.

Relieves rashes and bug bites

Apply a bit of the oil onto the affected areas of the body several times per day to speed up the healing and reduce the discomfort, itching, and burning sensation.

Avert food-borne diseases

Add some oregano oil to the foods you eat in order to destroy any bacteria that could lead to food-borne illnesses.

How to Make Your Oregano Oil Infusion


Crushed oregano leaves

Almond, grape seed or olive oil

2 jars

A saucepan


Preparation: Boil the water in a saucepan and then put the oil and oregano leaves in the Mason jar. Put the jar into the saucepan and leave it for 10 minutes to warm up the oil and stimulate the release of the natural oils from the oregano. Next, remove the jar from the water and place it near a sunny window for 7 to 14 days. Remember to shake the jar every day or two. Then, strain the oil into another mason jar and close it tightly. Keep it in a dark a cool area.

Potential Side Effects

  • If you happen to be allergic to sage, basil, mint, or lavender, avoid using oregano oil
  • Children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women should not use the oil



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