30 Signs that You Are a Spiritual Healer

The power of a healer does not arise from any special ability, but from having the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses- E. Leventhal

Deep inside, as seen on Loner Wolf, all humans have the power to heal themselves and nurture others with the help of energy, spirit, thought, intention, belief, and skilful practice, which are readily available to all. However, since not everyone walks the same path, not all of us feel “called” to healing practices.

Often times, those who do, may meet resistance along the road, either from family members, culture, or friends, mostly because spiritual healing is considered by many to be a charlatan practice built on ego and the mind. Although they are con artists in every practice, the advantageous properties of spiritual healing should not be neglected just because they cannot be reasoned with.

If you have been feeling a strong pull towards spiritual healing and if you have been wondering if you are a spiritual healer, you should definitely check out the 30 most common tell-tale signs.

30 Signs of Being a Spiritual Healer

  1. You have had a lot of mystical experiences
  2. You are able to feel and change the energy within and without yourself
  3. You are naturally pulled by healing professions
  4. You are a great listener
  5. You often attract people who need to be “fixed”
  6. You have electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  7. You experience chronic ache in the body or suffer from an autoimmune illness (energetic blockages)
  8. You use the right side of the brain more than the left side
  9. You have experienced a spiritual awakening
  10. You have gone through the dark night of the soul
  11. You have had a big trauma in your life, i.e. lost a family member, had a near-death experience, war, a mental illness, etc.
  12. You are very sensitive to energy
  13. You are an empath (feel others’ physical illnesses and emotions as your own)
  14. You are highly intuitive and read others with ease
  15. You think of the big picture and do not worry too much about details
  16. Existential depression is not unknown to you
  17. You often feel as an outcast
  18. You do not think in the same way as others do
  19. Public places overwhelm you easily
  20. You have fought with anxiety or panic in the past
  21. You are a peacemaker between people
  22. A lot of people turn to you in times of need
  23. You experience pain in the lower back or suffer from digestive issues
  24. Spending too much time around people leaves you exhausted
  25. Animals and children gravitate towards you
  26. People tend to expect form you to deal with their emotional baggage
  27. You usually think in shades of grey rather than in black or white
  28. You have a deep respect of the interconnectedness in life
  29. You believe in synchronicities, not in coincidence
  30. There has been/is a healer in your family, a massage therapist, a nurse, a doctor