7 Health Warnings Your Eyes May Be Sending

Believe it or not, as noted on Healing Life Is Natural, the eyes can reveal a lot of important information about your overall health. When there are some problems with the vision, there are specific symptoms that are more obvious than others and they can be used as indicators that will help you avert the worsening of a specific health issue by addressing it timely. With this in mind, read the following seven health warnings associated with the eyes and then stand in front of a mirror and check the eyes carefully. Consult a physician if you seem to notice any change in your eye area to determine the underlying cause and treat it if necessary.

7 Symptoms Your Eyes Are Sending You

  1. Droopy eyelids

Also known as ptosis, this irregular dropping of the eyelids is a common occurrence in elderly people, however, in some cases; it may be a symptom of a brain tumor or an illness known as myasthenia gravis which attacks the immunity.

  1. Blurry vision

Cloudy and blurry-like vision may be a symptom of different health complications. It is caused by excessive pressure in the eyes and inflammation. Losing the sight in one eye is often a symptom of a stroke, macular degeneration, or glaucoma.

  1. Yellow eyes

Bilirubin is a substance used by the liver for the filtration of oxygen and proteins in the body. When there is surplus amount of it caused by liver illness, the color of the conjunctiva in the eye will be affected. A yellowish eye white may indicate cirrhosis or hepatitis.

  1. Protruding eyes

Although protruding eyes may have to do with genetics, if it appears all of a sudden, it may indicate a thyroid issue which is causing a hormonal imbalance and swelling in the tissue surrounding the eyes, which is making them look protruding.

  1. Irregular pupils

Generally speaking, the pupils in both eyes are almost identical in reaction to light, but when their size differs or if there is a difference in how they react to light, it could be a symptom of a tumor, stroke, sclerosis, and syphilis.

  1. Cloudy eyes

Usually, this is an indicator of cataract or the clouding of the lens in the eyes which is impacting the vision. It is more common in elderly.

  1. Occasional light flashes

Seeing flashes of light that come and go during the day may indicate a retina separation which may be a result of nearsightedness or glaucoma.




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