This Dentist Refused to Perform a Root Canal for over 20 Years- This Is Why

Although modern-day dental procedures play an important role for maintaining an optimal dental and oral health, according to some experts, there are specific procedures, like the root canal one, which appears to damaging to the overall health.

According to Healing Life Is Natural, Robert. J. Kulacz claims that people need to be aware of what is going to happen after a root canal procedure. He adds that a root canal procedure is not scientifically proven and that it is a rather dangerous procedure.

He is the co-author of the book The Toxic Tooth and in it, the authors point out that root canals do not solve teeth problems, but are actually paving the way for dangerous toxins to enter your body and cause numerous diseases.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

As explained on Web Md, root canal treatment is a therapy aimed to repair and save a badly decayed or highly infected tooth. During this procedure, the dentist removes the nerve and the pulp of the tooth from the inside and then the tooth is properly clean and sealed. Without this treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become more and more infected and it can lead to abscess formations.

Why You Need to Think twice before Agreeing to a Root Canal

As explained on Mercola, you should not be misleaded by dentists into thinking that this is your sole option. Namely, our teeth are similar to other systems in the body and need a proper blood supply, lymphatic, and venous drainage, as well as nervous innervations. But, root canals are performed with dead teeth which, after the procedure, become one of the worst sources of bacterial toxins.

During a root canal procedure, the main nerves are removed; however, the dentist cannot reach the small side canals. This is the perfect surrounding for anaerobic bacteria which do not need oxygen to thrive and release toxicity from the necrotic tissue and thus, they cause chronic infection which is further spread throughout the whole body and the organs.

As a result, you become more prone to numerous serious illnesses like cancer, IBS, depression, and autoimmune illnesses, among others.

According to Mercola, antibiotics cannot be of help due to the bacteria being protected inside the tooth and unfortunately, the longer this tooth remains in the body, the more the immunity weakens.

Is There a Safer Solution to Root Canal Procedures?

As seen on Mercola, if your dentist is not familiar with alternative and toxin-free dentistry, he/she may also be unaware of the risks of some conventional dental procedures and alternative solutions to root canals. This being said, you should look for a biological dentist in your area who will be able to provide a more holistic solution for your teeth and gums that will not cause additional damage.





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