Here Is How To Grow New Brain Cells Regardless Of Age

According to newest findings, it appears that it is possible to grow new neurons in adulthood and avert age-related decline, boost our mood, and better the memory capacity. Researchers have found that no matter our age, we can all grow new brain cells. Previously, it was thought that cells cannot be regrown once they are lost.

What Is Neurogenesis?

Our brain is comprised of several regions and neurogenesis is the process of new cell development. Even though it is most active in the prenatal period, it can continue during adulthood in the hippocampus and the subventricular part of the brain. Neurogenesis was found to reduce stress and lower depression signs and has also shown promising results for Alzheimer therapy. What’s more, we can all improve our cognitive power naturally by exercising and eating proper foods.

Exercising is directly linked to neurogenesis and studies indicate that it has a beneficial effect on the physical, emotional, and mental health. Eating the right foods is also good for the brain and it is considered that curcumin, turmeric’s active ingredient, can elevate brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression. Moreover, intermittent fasting can actually help brain cells survive in cases where they would normally die.

Important Diet Tips to Boost Brain Function

  • Eat more blueberries because they are abundant in flavonoids
  • Avoid eating too much sugar
  • Consume more green tea because its compound known as EGCG has been associated with new brain cell growth

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