This Is How to Check Your Health in One Minute Using a Spoon

Being aware of our health is pivotal so that we can take adequate and timely action, as mentioned on Life Coach Code. Nonetheless, this does not require going to the doctor’s whenever you feel anxious about your overall health. You can regularly check out your health without having to leave the house. This does not of course mean that you should never visit your doctor, but it is merely an alternative method to have some additional insight into your health. For this simple method, you just need one thing, i.e. a spoon…

Check Your Health with a Spoon

You need one spoon, make sure it is a clean one. Then, scrape it all over the tongue and wet it with saliva. Put it into a transparent plastic bag and light it up with your mobile phone’s torch or with a lamp. Wait for a minute and the check how the spoon looks.

Possible Results

  1. Colorless and odorless spoon without stains means that everything is fine with your internal organs.
  2. A spoon with a strong odor may mean several things; if the smell is strong, you may have some stomach or lung issues, if the odor is sweet, you may suffer from diabetes, if the odor reminds is similar to that of ammonia, you may be experiencing some kidney-related problems.
  3. A spoon with stains may also mean several different things; a thick coating which is white or yellow may indicate thyroid gland issues, purple stains have to do with high cholesterol, bronchitis, and poor blood flow, white stains may be a symptom of respiratory infections, while orange ones may signalize kidney illness.

Important to note:

Remember, although this method cannot be harmful, the best option is to always consult your physician if you are suspecting some health issue.




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