The Five Tibetan Rites – Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

In addition to yoga, as noted on Mind Body Green, the five Tibetan rites, also known as the “fountain of youth” is an excellent way to better your flexibility, stretch the main muscles in the body, improve your balance, and increase your strength. What is interesting about this amazing practice is that it is very simple and you just need ten minutes of your free time to do it.

The best time for the fountain of youth is in the morning, right after waking up, due to the rush of energy you are going to experience and the fact that you will need this type of energy you need for the rest of day. Opt for up to 21 reps of five to seven minutes. Let us take a look at each of the movements in detail.

5 Best Tibetan Exercises

– While standing with the feet shoulder width apart, outstretch the arms to be horizontal to the floor and the palms need to be faced down. Keep them in line with your shoulders while the hips are distance apart. Focus your vision in a spot in front of you and spin around clockwise until you are slightly dizzy and gradually increase the duration of the rotations. While spinning, remember to breathe as deeply as possible.

– While lying on a mat, put the arms alongside the body and the palms onto the floor. Breathe in and bring the head up from the floor and tuck the chin into the chest. In the same time, lift the legs upwards and keep them as straight as possible and try bringing them towards the head. Breathe out gradually and put the legs and head down while maintaining the knees straight and the big knees together.

– Kneel down on the floor and curl the toes under. Put your hands underneath the buttocks and then slide the hands down and pull the shoulders backwards and the head upwards. Go back to the primary position and then do another repetition. Remember to breathe deeply.

– While in sitting position, extend the legs in front of you and separate the feet. Put the palms near the sitz bones and drop the head back gently and elevate the torso so that the knees bend while the arms are still straight to form a table top position. Slowly return to the primary pose and take a short break before you do another repetition.

– Lie down on the belly and pull the upper body up by putting the palms onto the floor. Curl the toes under and lift the heart and move the shoulders back. Make sure the arms are straight and remember to look forward or towards the sky. Then, begin to lift the hips up and back and extend the spine and go into a downward dog pose. Do several reps consisted of moving from upward to downward dog.

Check this video to learn the rites properly!




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