How to Release the Pinched Nerve in The Lumbar Area (Sciatica)- 2 Simple Ways to Get Rid of the Pain

According to Life Coach Code, when something pressures the lumbar nerve root, it may trigger ache in some areas of the sciatic nerve. For example, this can be a degenerative disc illness, a herniated disk or spinal stenosis that is additionally straining the nerve.

Known as sciatica, this health condition is manifested by a strong pain, overall weakness, numbness or a tingling sensation in the lower area of the back,  the buttocks, and the back part of a leg (in most cases, the pain is experienced in one leg only, although it can be felt in both too). The pain and discomfort may also impede movement and the condition usually worsens at nighttime or after prolonged hours of sitting or standing.

When it comes to conventional treatment methods, they usually include painkillers which are considered to address the pain only, not the underlying issue. Therefore, it is a good and useful approach to introduce specific exercises whose purpose is to alleviate the sciatica pain and discomfort by decreasing the pressure and straining in the nerve. I

f you happen to suffer from this health problem, continue reading this article to check out the best exercises for addressing it!

2 Best Exercises for Sciatica

Exercise no.1

First, lie down on an exercise mat and then bend the painful leg. Put the hands below it and try to slowly pull it towards the shoulders. Once you feel a stretching, try to remain in that pose for some thirty seconds. Then, gradually release the leg and pause for several seconds. Do two more repetitions with short pauses in between.

Exercise no.2

Lie down on the back and bend both knees. Place both hands below them and then gently start pulling them towards the chest. It is advisable to keep the buttocks onto the floor. Next, cross the legs and pull the healthy one with your hand. Remain in this pose for half a minute and then gradually release the legs and go back to the primary pose. Repeat it twice.