Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory & Awareness

Have you heard of siesta? Do you know what it means? It actually stands for a short nap taken in the early afternoon, usually after a midday meal. In some countries, this is a common tradition, especially in warm-weather ones like Spain, the Philippines, Dalmatia, and in Hispanic American countries.

Believe it or not, it should definitely become a part of your daily life too because a short nap, as explained on Daily Health Post, will help you rest, better your mood and physical performance, and boost your memory and learning capacity.

Napping at Work Is Already a Thing?

In a lot of companies such as Google and Ben & Jerry’s, employees are given space to take a short nap throughout their working day because of the numerous health benefits napping has to offer.

Namely, during young age, sleep is pivotal for proper growth and development and as we grow, although the hours of needed sleep lower, we still need to get sufficient hours of it so that we can function optimally. Yes folks, short naps are never a bad idea!

The Health Advantages of Naps

One study, as seen on Daily Health Post, showed that midday naps for learning and memory work better when they are shorter in duration. And, during these naps, the grogginess is much weaker than that after longer naps. Therefore, you will benefit more than a 10-minute nap than from a 30-minute or a longer one. The fact that you have not yet entered the deeper sleeping phases after 10 minutes, you will have no problem waking up easily and feel refreshed, which is not necessarily the case with longer naps.

Another study showed that naps offer you the ability to lower sleepiness and better your cognitive functions. It is important to note that regular napping is much more advantageous than occasional napping.

How Long Should You Nap?

Important to Note:

Remember, a quality nighttime sleep is essential for our overall health and the body needs this rest to allow the brain and body to rejuvenate, store memories, and expel toxins. Therefore, napping later on in the day may impede your ability to fall asleep easily at night or to stay asleep and you will be unable to reap the benefits from it.

Therefore, if you want a power nap, early afternoon appears to be the best time for dozing off. Opt for a quiet, cool, and dark area and put on your sleep mask and relax to maintain optimal performance later on in the day.




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