The Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic That Destroys Colds & Flu

Have you heard about fire cider? This is a powerful homemade drink which can avert colds and flu. When regularly consumed, it will also help you fight off congestion, sore throat, allergy flareups and it will help you improve your digestion too. What’s more, you can easily prepare it at the comfort of your own home with easily-affordable ingredients.

Fire Cider Recipe

This vinegar infusion is a warm and soothing beverage that posesses antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial characteristics. It has a wide array of benefits for the overall health. Let’s take a look at how to prepare it:

Apple cider vinegar

One onion, medium-sized

2 tbsp of coriander seeds

A clean jar

A clean bottle

3 tbsp of fresh rosemary

One garlic head

¾ cup of ginger root

2 cayenne peppers

¼ cup of fresh horseradish

Preparation: First, peel the ginger and horseradish and then grate them into a bowl together with the onion. Then, crush the garlic and coriander seeds and add them to the bowl. Chop the rosemary and slice the peppers in half and put them into the bowl. Mix the ingredients well and then transfer the content into the the jar, add the vinegar, and close it. Keep it in a cool and dark place for a month. Shake the jar daily. After the 4 weeks, strain the content into the bottle and your fire cider is ready for consumption.

How to Use It?

  • If you have a cold or flu, take one spoon every 2 hours or add it to tea.
  • For prevention and strong immunity, take 1 spoon of the cider daily.
  • To improve your digestion, take one spoon prior to meals.
  • Against drowsiness, take one shot of it.
  • To treat congested lungs and sinus inflammation, mix a spoon of fire cider and tea and drink it several times per day.

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