8 Tricks to Improve Your Memory

As explained on Mercola, our modern lifestyle is known to contribute to a cognitive decline and our brain’s functioning is being impeded by our daily exposure to toxins, chemicals, leading a poor diet, lacking sleep, and excessive stress.

On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your brain health and even help the brain develop new neurons, a process which is known as neurogenesis. With this in mind, if you want to rejuvenate your brain and improve its functioning and overall health, check out these 8 beneficial tricks you can try to achieve this.

8 Tricks to Strengthen Your Memory

  1. Follow a healthy diet

As previously noted, what you eat matters. To make sure your brain is healthy and your memory solid, opt for a daily consumption of veggies and fruits. For example, vegetables like broccoli and celery have amazing advantages for the brain because they are abundant in antioxidants and other compounds that are necessary for smooth cognitive processes. Make sure you also increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids as they are essential for neurogenesis.

  1. Avoid multitasking

According to Healing Life Is Natural, multitasking is not good for the brain, particularly the hippocampus, because it has been shown to slow you down and lower your productivity. According to research, one needs 8 seconds to commit specific information to the memory. Therefore, make sure you do one thing at a time so that you can properly focus on the task.

  1. Up your vitamin D

As shown by research, low amounts of vitamin D in the body are linked with poor brain function so it is important to have sufficient levels of it to preserve the brain health. In addition to the sunrays being the optimal source of vitamin D, you can also acquire it from specific foods such as beef liver, egg yolks, cheese, orange juice, fish like mackerel and salmon, etc.

  1. Get enough sleep

As noted on Mercola, sleep strengthens the memories and helps one better the performance of challenging skills. One night of four to six hours of sleep can help you clear your thinking the next day, a study points out. Sleep is not just important for adults, but it is also pivotal for infants because it boosts their brain power and enhances their cognitive growth.

  1. Try a new skill

Meaningful and purposeful activities are known to stimulate the neurological system, fight off the impact of diseases caused by stress, lower the chance for dementia, and better the overall health and well-being. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to master a new skill, for example, knitting, quilting, digital photography class, gardening, learning to play an instrument, crafting, etc.

  1. Play brain games

When you fail to properly challenge your brain with new information, its health and functioning will begin to decline. When you offer your brain the right stimulation, you can prevent the decline. An excellent way to “help” your brain is by playing brain games that you can easily find online. Opt for at least 20 minutes of brain games per day, but make sure you do not spend more than 7 minutes on a specific task.

  1. Work out more

Exercising stimulates the brain’s functioning by strengthening the nerve interconnections and keeping them safe from damage. One study also showed that the people who exercise regularly experienced one to two percent yearly growth and expansion of their brain’s memory center. To make sure your brain is benefitting from your exercising, opt for a workout plan comprised of HIIT, stretching, strength training, and core work.

  1. Try mnemonic devices

These memory tools are useful tools to better remember concepts, information or words. They are excellent for organizing information so that you can easily remember and recall them later. Some mnemonic devices that you can try are acronyms, visualization, rhymes, chunking, etc.




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