Incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine Into Your Everyday Life

So if we are asked to imagine traditional Chinese medicine what can we visualize? Generally, one would
picturize someone lying on a plethora of acupuncture needles. That is our innate idea of Chinese
medicine, isn’t it? Just to be a bit more realistic and informative, traditional Chinese medicine is a lot
more than only acupuncture, which is simply one of the six major treatments that traditional Chinese
medicine uses. So, why not use these techniques and gain good health?

Let us discuss a few ways of incorporating these methods into our daily lives for a new and better sense
of being. Let us talk about nutrition first, as it is one of the simplest ways to improve one’s health. Since
always, traditional Chinese medicine has prescribed certain foods and herbs as medicine, as the spiritual
aspect of food—the true healing “ingredient” is much more than just the physical qualities of nutrients,
calories and vitamins.

There are two categories of healing foods: first, which includes a typical dietary foods such as broccoli,
celery, carrots, apples, pineapples, pears etc. The second being, spices and herbs that are extremely
beneficial but only if taken in certain amounts, often such as ginseng, ginger, Goji berries and Chinese
barley. Such foods are prescribed when an aspect of the body is disbalanced.

Such healing treatments are based on the knowledge that the body is born with an ability to heal itself.
TCM believes that prevention is the best cure, and thus acupressure is highly recommended as it not
only boosts your immune system rapidly, but also is super convenient and can be done anywhere and

So what is acupressure ? It involves touching and activating key energy points in the body to produce
maximum energy flow to all energy channels, which connect all organs.

As the previous information has been focused on the body, let us not forget to include the mind. The
expression, “You are what you eat,” holds true. Also, how we feel affects our health and wellbeing in
more ways than we think. As per TCM(traditional Chinese medicine), specific emotions do affect our
organs. Meditation is the key to get rid of them.

Remember, in TCM, prevention is key. Keeping the body fit and fine through what one is taking in
physically, mentally, and spiritually, is what one should focus on. Chronic, annoying symptoms like pain,
headaches, PMS, allergies, hot flashes, even skin rashes or vision issues, are the body’s way of signaling
something is starting to go wrong, health-wise. Say if one develops symptoms which they didn not have
previously, their body is the talking mirror stating that something in their life has to change.

Thanks to quantum physics, we know that everything is inseparable. And that is why TCM is based on
such fineness through treating intricacies. So, what are we waiting for? This is the way to be!



What Is TCM?

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?