Photo of Newborn Calf Drinking Milk from a Hose will Make You Rethink Dairy

According to One Green Planet, nowadays, thanks to the efforts of investigators and whistleblowers, the sad reality and harsh methods of factory farming are no longer a secret.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are still being manipulated by marketers and still believe that cows live in idyllic green pastures and enjoy when they are being milked. But, the truth is very different.  

The Sad Truth of Dairy Farms

The TV commercials we are constantly being bombarded with do not truly show what is going on in dairy farms. Sadly, cows are being put in rows, have no free space to move, they stand on floors filled with urine and excrement, and they are milked by machines which cause pain and injuries and may lead to infections such as mastitis.

Moreover, they are forcibly impregnated artificially just to have their babies taken away from them in order for their milk to be used for humans. And, what happens to the calves is unbearable. They are either killed for veal or raised for another generation of dairy cows. And, once cows stop producing milk, they are immediately sent for slaughter.

Cows Are Sentient Beings; Time to Treat Them as such

As explained on One Green Planet, cows are social and emotional beings that have the capacity to form strong bonds and mothers often cry when their calves are taken away from them at birth!

Therefore, if you still consume dairy but if you have had enough of animal abuse, it is high time to put an end to dairy consumption. With the increase of plant-based alternatives, you will never think of dairy again.

You can find a lot of useful information on the internet on how to easily transition from dairy to non-dairy. If you are already following a dairy-free diet, do not forget to share this article and spread awareness about the negative side of factory farming.

This image by Unparalleled Suffering shows the horrible reality of dairy farms. A baby calf, still covered in birth fluids, is being forcefully-fed with a hose that contains milk with colostrum but from other cows on the farm, not its own mother. Heartbreaking, right?




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