10 Signs that a Deceased Loved One Is nearby

Did you know that your loved ones who are deceased may be trying to connect with you through some sensations and dreams or simply by hearing a meaningful song on the radio during a stressful day?

Believe it or not, a lot of people frequently experience the presence of their loved ones who are deceased, but they do not always recognize the signs. With this in mind, we decided to present you a list with the 10 most frequent signs that your deceased one is trying to connect with you, according to King Demic.

10 Signs that a Deceased One Is Near You

  1. Signs in dreams

While we sleep, our vibrations elevate in order to become equal with the energy of the spirits and our subconscious minds tend to be more receptive when we sleep and this is when spirits can influence us easier. Dreams of loved ones who are deceased may be a sign that they are near you and are trying to contact you.

  1. Unexpected gifts

This does not necessarily mean that this is some material thing; you may receive gifts such as care, love, and affection when least expected. Sometimes, a call from a friend or a family member during times of need may be a “gift” from a loved one who is no longer with you in person, but is trying their best to keep you safe.

  1. Pets

As you may already know, animals tend to be very receptive to supernatural signs. Therefore, if at a certain situation, your dog or cat begins to wage their tail at nothing, it may be because a deceased loved one is visiting you from the spiritual realm.

  1. Songs

If you notice a pattern while listening to music, it could mean that your deceased loved one is near you and is keeping you safe. They may be trying to pass on an important message so be attentive.

  1. Funerals

Some psychics believe that some people attend their own funerals after they die so that they can comfort their close ones. A touch on the shoulder or a caress on the cheek could be a sign of their presence.

  1. Familiar scents

Smell is often connected with memory and some unusual scents may appear along with a spirit of your loved one who is deceased. You may suddenly sense the perfume they used or the smell of their favorite flowers or food.

  1. Misplaced items

If some things have a tendency to disappear or if you are finding them in different places in your home, it could be the deceased moving them. These items are usually the items that they have used when they were alive and are now missing them; for example, their jewelry, smoking pipes, clothes, etc.

  1. Thoughts

At times, you can experience some thoughts that are not your own. For example, you are driving too fast and all of a sudden, a thought appears and tells you to slow down. This voice in your head could be efforts of your loved ones to keep you safe.

  1. The right person at the right time

Sometimes, meeting people when you need them the most could be an effort from a deceased loved one to be of help during times of struggle.

  1. Old habits

Sometimes, spirits may try to do the same things that they did while they were alive; for example, if your grandmother had the tendency to leave the lights on, you may notice the lights being turned on even though you do not remember being the one turning them on.