6 Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Since ancient times, people have been using clay like bentonite to treat a variety of health issues ranging from rashes and bug bites to digestive problems. Nowadays, in the 21-st century, this type of clay is a widely used natural remedy that has the capacity to improve the overall health and well-being on various levels. This clay is created from volcano ash. Since the time of Aristotle, bentonite clay, but other types of clay as well, have been used to treat digestive issues and to eliminate toxins from the skin.

Why Is Bentonite Clay so Powerful?

This is due to electricity. Namely, our bodies are as much electric in nature as they are chemical and the brain, circulatory system, and brain work on electrical impulses. During an EKG, for example, electrical impulses are measured. When it comes in contact with water, bentonite produces an electrical charge which is negative and attracts positively-charged toxins like chemicals and metals. Then, it expels them from the body.

The 6 Best Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Detoxifies the body

As previously mentioned, the magnetic characteristics of bentonite are great in eliminating environmental toxins and other harmful waste from the body.

Purifies water from fluoride

Fluoride is a toxin which should be avoided as much as possible, though it is added to water systems and in dental products commonly. When mixed with magnesium, bentonite clay will cleanse the water thoroughly and make it safer for consumption.

Fights off harmful organisms

According to studies, bentonite clay was highly effective in destroying antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Balances the pH of the body

An alkaline pH of the body is crucial for our optimal health. When we do not have sufficient amounts of nutrients from whole foods, the risk of serious health complications elevates. This is where bentonite clay can help because it is abundant in minerals and it can restore the pH balance in your body.

Encourages the growth of good gut bacteria

By averting toxins from the digestive tract, bentonite will maintain the good gut bacteria proliferation. This is not just great for the digestion, but for the immunity too.

Different Uses of Bentonite Clay

Facial mask

This is an excellent mask for those that have problems with acne, clogged pores, and oily skin.


A tbsp of bentonite clay

A tbsp of water.

Preparation and application: Mix the ingredients well and apply a layer onto the face and neck area and leave it to dry. Then, rinse off the face with warm water.

For optimal effect, repeat the procedure every week.

Natural deodorant

To minimize your exposure to the chemicals from store-bought deodorants, opt for bentonite clay which has the capacity to absorb surplus moisture and this will result in less sweating and unpleasant odor. Dust some bentonite onto the armpits and you are good to go.

Alleviates stomach discomfort

If you have a stomach ache or some gastrointestinal issues, drink a mixture of a glass of water and a tsp of bentonite for immediate relief.

Treat bug bites

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