Aspartame Turns into Formaldehyde And Methanol In The Body

Aspartame, for those who are not familiar with it, is one of the most harmful substances which is added to foods such as processed honey, yogurt, fruit juices, and gums. This synthetic sweetener, as noted on Live Love Fruit, is 200 times sweeter than sugar and therefore, highly addictive. However, though it has a sweet taste, it is empty of calories and since the body misses out, it makes you crave more of it to so that you can satisfy the needed brain centers.

As seen on Healthy Holistic Living, science has shown that aspartame transforms into methanol and formaldehyde once it enters the metabolic systems of the body. It also breaks down into phenylalanine and surplus amounts of it can block the transportation of crucial amino acids in the brain and lower the serotonin and dopamine levels, i.e. the feel-good hormones.

What Is Aspartame & Why It Is not Good for Us?

Aspartame, according to research, is a commonly-used artificial sweetener which has been associated with migraines in children and adolescents and when ingested, it turns into formaldehyde in several tissues. It has also been associated with decline in vision and some types of cancer. The aspartic acid into which aspartame also breaks down in the body has the effect of an excitotoxin.

Brief History of Aspartame

According to Live Love Fruit, aspartame was once a prohibited substance, i.e. back in the 80s when the FDA banned it because of an association of the substance with brain cancer. However, only a year after the ban, the CEO of the company behind aspartame, Donald Rumsfeld, used his connections with the government of Reagan to remove the ban and soon enough, aspartame was an FDA-approved sweetener. After some time, aspartame became very popular ingredient added to processed foods and a major source of income for Searle, Rumsfeld’s company. In 1985, Monsanto bought the company.

How to Stay Away from Aspartame

First and foremost, as emphasized on Live Love Fruit, we need to remember to read the labels before we buy food and to understand what they mean. Therefore, whenever you see it listed in a product you are thinking of buying, leave it! Opt for healthy, whole foods only that are not filled with all kinds of ingredients, but are the ingredient. To sweeten foods, you do not necessarily need aspartame, i.e. you can opt for dates, date paste, raw honey, maple syrup, lucuma powder, yacon syrup, and stevia.

Carly Fraser from Live Love Fruit also explains that there is no need to be afraid from naturally-found sugar in fruits. This sugar is important to maintain your satiety and to balance the blood sugar levels so feel free to incorporate more fresh and ripe fruits to your daily diet. However, remember not to exaggerate with their consumption. Balance is key.

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video shown below and learn more about this dangerous substance:



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