8 Natural Tricks for Stainless and White Clothes

As many of you may already know, maintaining the whiteness of white laundry is not an easy and straightforward task. Even after the first washing, white clothes seem to lose their previous shine and we end up wondering where it went wrong. In order to solve this issue and keep the whiteness and shine of your clothes at all times, you should definitely keep reading this article because we decided to share some DIY beneficial tricks that will remove all stains and refresh your white laundry perfectly!

8 Methods to Whiten Clothes Instantly

Baking soda

Mix a cup of sodium bicarbonate and four cups of water and then leave the white laundry to soak in the mixture for several hours before you wash them in the washing machine.

White vinegar

First, distil half a cup of white vinegar in water and then wash them in the machine. The clothes will be squeaky clean and maintain their optimal whiteness.

Hydrogen peroxide

Before you turn on the washing cycle for white laundry, make sure to add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to whiten the clothes.

Lemon juice

What you need to do is to mix half a cup of fresh lemon juice with a basin of hot water and then leave the white laundry to soak in this solution for 60 minutes. Afterward, you can wash them in the washing machine.

Dishwashing tablets

When you cannot get rid of a stubborn yellowish or some other stain on your white clothes, you just need to add one dishwashing tablet to the washing machine when you turn it on to wash the clothes. The oxidizing agents in these tablets have the capacity to remove dish stains and can therefore successfully remove laundry stains.

DIY whitening solution

To make this solution, you will need to mix the following ingredients: half a cup of borax, a cup of laundry soap, a cup of powdered dish soap, a cup of bleach, and a laundry wash basin with hot water. Put the white clothes to soak for a couple of hours and then wash them in the washing machine.

Expose them to sunlight

A simple, yet effective method to whiten your clothes is to dry them on the clothes line when there is enough sunshine and they will whiten naturally.

Proper separating of laundry

Never put white laundry with any other colors because there is a high chance that the color from the non-white clothes will transfer onto the white laundry and make them look grayish.


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