8 Signs You Are a Shaman And You Do Not Know It

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who do not live in indigenous villages, but are shamans and do not have the slightest clue. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that modern culture does not have a role for shamans. Therefore, some of them adapt as healers by working in medicine, psychology, or life coaching; however, there are those who do not achieve this and have a profession or a job they do not fit in at all. If you are wondering whether you are a shaman with strong healing abilities, make sure to check out the most common signs of having the shamanic archetype.

If You Recognize Yourself in These Signs, You Are Definitely a Shaman

  1. You are an introvert

Having the shamanic archetype often makes one unable to navigate through the 3D realms of this dimension and this causes the person to withdraw into themselves in order to visit the other realms that feel like home. Shamans are multidimensional beings who can dance between the seen and unseen worlds.

  1. Nature is your home

A shaman is the link between humans and nature and they are the translators between the oceans, rivers, animals, and mountains and people. If you feel as if nature is ‘talking to you’ or if you feel most like yourself when you are spending time outdoors, you may be a shaman.

  1. You do not feel that you belong to a specific place

It is crucial to note that shamans are not like the rest. This is why they usually live in the outskirts of villages. However, in the modern day world, this is not the case and you may feel like you do not fit anywhere. But, this is not true, you fit and your role is a crucial one. You will feel most at home in nature, but among fellow shamans too.

  1. You have intense dreams

Vivid dreams are how shamans communicate with their realm. This is why you should not ignore your dreams and analyze them as much as possible. You should specifically focus on any animal totems you may bee seeing.

  1. You may have spiritual powers

Shamans are psychics who may receive healing visions and help people with their hands or establish a telepathic communication with people, but animals and inanimate objects too.

  1. You feel as if you have been spiritually called

Shamans often feel an innate call to help animals or people in need. One does not necessarily have to be a health care provider to possess the shamanic archetype; you may be an animal shelter worker or as an environmentalist.

  1. You are highly sensitive

Shamans are people who have the ability to feel emotions that others cannot and they can see things that other people are unable to. Their smell and hearing is also more intense. They sense things better than the rest of us. This is why others describe them as ‘overly sensitive’. But, you should not worry, this sensitivity is not bad at all, it is a part of your gift.

  1. You are a part of the global shift in consciousness

New Agers have been talking about ‘the shift’ for decades now and people with the shamanic archetype are being pulled towards this global shift like a magnet. They often take on leadership positions to ease the change in our consciousness and the evolution of the species.




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