Dear Alcohol, Thanks for Ruining Everything

Unfortunately, alcohol is the main culprit for the destruction of numerous lives and it is considered by many to be a sneaky demon which greets you with a smile and then stabs you in the back, as noted on King Demic.

If alcohol has also impacted your life negatively or if it still does, spare 5 minutes of your time to read this letter and maybe try and exclude it from your life once and for all.

Remember, alcohol does not just harm you and your health, but also your closest ones.

A Letter to Alcohol

Dear Alcohol, you were the abusive boyfriend I never had and at the beginning, we had a lot of fun together, maybe even too much. However, it was casual and I expected nothing to come out of it. But, as time went by, I started relying on you for everything. You were my strength to speak in social situations that scared me; you were the cure for a stressful day, and a wonderful addition to some of the best nights in my life.

But, similarly to an abusive boyfriend, these feelings and moments were only temporary and they were soon replaced with pain. Abusive people are known to build you up and then they bring you down. They earn your trust so that you think they are worthy of your love. Similarly to this, alcohol built me up, but quickly brought me down.

Instead of pleasant nights, now there were blackouts and decisions that hurt me, my family, and my friends. My judgment became blurry, I was full of false courage and ideas that I would never have if I was sober.

My health deteriorated, my mental capacity decreased, but drinking went on the top of the list of priorities and everything else was unimportant. Alcohol is a wolf in sheep’ clothing and as long as I was able to function and pay my bills, people around me did not even realize I was going through a difficult time.

Alcohol is quietly destroying our bodies and leaves us in pain. You may end up losing your marriage, hone, children, and everything else that is worth living due to being too stubborn to admit that the alcohol is now controlling us, not the other way around. It becomes even scarier when we learn that letting you go is not an option because you are everywhere. Alcohol, the stalker, the destroyer, the murderer.

But, I have decided- I am done listening to your lies and tired of your games.




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