If You Have A Letter ‘M’ On The Palm Of Your Hand, THIS Is What It Means…

When it comes to palm reading, even though a lot of people find it interesting, they are generally skeptics and do not believe in what palm readers have to say. Of course, many people love hearing about the promises of a bright future, but since nothing regarding palm reading is scientifically-backed up, they consider it nothing more than a well spent time at a carnival.

However, as noted on Healthy Holistic Living, despite the fact that research has not proven palm reading nor is approved by medicine, there are those who swear by it. Let us learn more about the specifics of palm reading.

Brief History of Palmistry

Also known as palmistry, palm reading is an ancient practice during which a palm reader looks at the lines and creases on the palm and wrist with the goal to find out information about the individual’s past, present, and future.

Back in the days, palmistry was very popular in Greece and Rome and it was frequently used as a type of medical diagnosis and personality determination. A lot of information about palm reading can be found in texts from Renaissance that are kept in the National Library of Medicine.

Interestingly, these texts have numerous versions that were written in different periods and in different languages; however, the diagrams, images, and philosophies are quite similar.

Is there a Link between Palm Reading & Medicine?

As seen on Healthy Holistic Living, Joseph S. Alpert, MD and editor in chief of the American Journal of Medicine recalls of a situation when an 80-year old Chinese woman read the palms of all guests at a dinner party he attended and he was genuinely surprised of the precision in which the woman predicted specific ages or diseases the guests were suffering from, as well as the number of children they had and even the plan of one guest to retire and begin with a second career.

Although he does not believe in fortune telling, Alpert was surprised by the accuracy of the palm reader and compares her intuition with the skills of clinicians and medical professionals who have the capacity to diagnose their patients on the basis of examinations and history of diseases, in most cases, with high accuracy. The Chinese woman used deductive reasoning and intuition to guess about the guests’ past, present, and future in a similar fashion.

Let’s Have Fun!

Regardless of whether you believe that palmistry is possible or not, having a bit of fun cannot do any harm. Therefore, take a look at your palm and if you have a shape of the letter M, consider yourself lucky!

Namely, as explained on Healthy Holistic Living, palm readers claim that these people are blessed because they are highly intuitive, talented, and honest and despise lying and can immediately notice liars. They are also very brave and strong and ready for new challenges and opportunities- they are born leaders and prophets. Whatever they decide to pursue in life, they will reach it.

Want to continue with the fun stuff? No worries, check out this article and tell us if you managed to solve the puzzle!



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