How To Make A Bee Waterer To Help Hydrate Our Pollinators

Bees are without doubt the hardest workers and they visit at least 2000 flowers on a daily basis and their small wings beat up to 10,000 times per 60 seconds. Wow, amazing! They are carrying pollen and are helping us with our food supply so we should also help them back. Taking into account how hard they work, they often get thirsty and need safe drinking water which unfortunately, is not always readily available.

Namely, as explained on Healthy Holistic Living, bees require shallow water to drink from but this water tends to evaporate rather quickly. Birdbaths are not a viable option for them because they can drown in it if it is not shallow enough. When it comes to lakes and rivers, this is not the safest choice for them because they risk being eaten by frogs, fish, etc. or being swept away by the currents.

So, what can we do to help bees which are crucial pollinators that are pivotal not just for us, but for the whole ecosystem? Let us learn more about how to provide shallow and clean water for them to drink and continue with their work.

How to Help Bees to always Have Clean & Shallow Water

One of the best ways to be of aid for bees as they are for us is to place a water feeder in your garden or yard. To prepare the feeder, fill one pie pan with marbles and water. The marbles will be the place on which the bee can land and drink water safely without risking drowning. Do not add any sugar or honey.

Do not forget to check out the following video below to learn more about why bees are so important:

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