Want Happier & Calmer Kids? Simplify their World

Every parent who is reading this article will certainly agree that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a sincere smile on your child’s face and it is their smile which makes YOU smile. Once parents realize this, it becomes their primary goal to make their children as happy as possible.

However, do we know the right ways in which we can achieve this? As seen on Healthy Holistic Living, for a lot of parents, it is through success that children can be happy and so they invest in swimming classes, math tutoring, dance lessons, football lessons, etc.

Though success plays a pivotal role in the overall satisfaction and happiness in life, the best way to have a calm and happy child is with the help of simplification. Let us learn more about the power of simplicity when it comes to genuine happiness in children.

Simple Is Good for Children

Regardless of our age, being overwhelmed with everything can be stressful and have a negative impact on our well-being. Even though adulthood is often comprised of constant to-do-lists, a child’s lifestyle should be kept simple because having too much to do can cause chronic stress, unhealthy behavior, and health problems.

Therefore, for a more a successful and productive social and school life of children and a life that will also give them the opportunity to be happy, according to Healthy Holistic Living, parents need to simplify their lives.

If you are a parent and if you are wondering what it actually means to simplify the life of your little one, check out the list shown below that we found on Green Child Magazine to learn more.

How to Simplify Your Child’s Life & Help them Feel Happy

  • Small moments make the dearest memories

Even though a two-week expensive family vacation is definitely fun, not just for the children, but for the adults too, they will not be as memorable as simple family lunches, weekend camping trips, and bedtime stories. To spend quality time with your children, it does not matter how much money you spend, it matters how often you do it. Communicate and laugh together because it is these shared moments that will keep them happy while they are young, but as they grow too.

  • Minimize their schedule

Even though to-do-lists for your children are often essential, there are a lot of activities that you do not actually need. Therefore, from time to time, remove two or three things from their schedule so that they feel happier because there will be more time for exploration and creative play, not just a strict schedule comprised of going to school, doing homework, and attending extracurricular activities. This is not just advantageous for the children, but as a parent, you will have more time to relax, which is something you probably need a lot.

  • Decrease physical clutter

Often times, the child may be stressed out and feel unhappy due to their environment, especially if they are constantly surrounded by clutter. Teaching them and helping them to clean and organize their belongings will help them feel less overwhelmed and more focused on playing, rather than deciding which toy to choose because they have too many of them, which may result in frustration. Also, donate any toys and games you may no longer be using- you will make your child happier, but other children too who may have little or no toys to play with. The same goes for clothes, books, etc.





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