“I Would not Feed this Stuff to a Dying Animal”- Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth about Ensure Nutrition Drinks

A former reporter for the Herald Times from Bloomington, Indiana, Carrol Krause had to retire from journalism due to being diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2014. Before she passed away, she wrote her best and worst experiences during her last days on her blog Stories by Carrol.

Several months before her passing, she had serious digestive problems and was unable to eat normal food. While she was in hospice, she was appalled by the food which the medical staff brought her to eat. Let us learn what she revealed on her blog as seen on Healthy Holistic Living.

Hospice Food: Not Real Food?!

According to Krause, though the hospice staff had good intentions, the food they were bringing was nothing close to food. She was even more outraged by the fact that this was given to people who were dying, including her.

The hospice food was comprised of a bag full of Ensure products, i.e. shakes, puddings, and an “apple juice”. All of these products contain a lot of chemicals and they are expected to supply people who are very sick with nutrients.

Ensure, a brand owned by Abbott Nutrition, is an example of a corporation which is presenting its products as healthy alternatives. Since the company has connections in the medical industry, their products can be found in almost every hospital in the U.S. today, which is not the smartest option if the goal is to help these people feel better.

Ensure: Nothing more than a Big Scam?

This brand claims to produce nutritional shakes and drinks that are recommended by doctors and a worldwide leader when it comes to nutritional science; however, their products are nowhere near healthy meals. The patients who are given these products are actually eating a mixture of fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. The owner of ensure, Abbott Nutrition is part of the pro-GMO organization known as The Grocery Manufacturers Association and has given almost million dollars in the fight against GMO labeling in the U.S.

So, this definitely does not seem like a company that should be feeding our loved ones who are having a hard time in the hospital!

The Horrifying Ingredients in an Ensure’s Clear Therapeutic Nutrition Drink

According to David Wolfe, you should not be fooled by the apple picture on the box because this juice has no apple whatsoever. Here is what this drink is actually consisted of:

  • Corn syrup solids

They are made from dehydrated corn syrup which is 100 percent glucose- a sugar which increases the chance for obesity and most of the corn syrup in the U.S. is made with GMO corn and has been associated with serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.

  • Sodium selenite

This toxic ingredient is actually a byproduct of copper metal refining and it has been classified as dangerous by the EPA.

  • Natural & Artificial flavors

These flavors are actually chemicals, usually from inorganic sources and are not good for the health and can lead to cancer.

  • Chromium chloride

This toxin has a negative impact on the reproductive system in both genders and it has been also linked with stomach issues, ulcers, and abnormal bleeding.

  • Cupric sulfate

This substance is a fungicide and pesticide which is toxic and can trigger anemia, gastrointestinal issues, and even death when taken in higher amounts.

  • Synthetic vitamins

Even though we need vitamins to be healthy, there is a huge difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. The synthetic ones found in Ensure products and other supplements that are commercially sold are made with a lot of chemicals; synthetics cannot be absorbed by the body same as natural vitamins are due to being separated from the whole vitamin complex and trace minerals and enzymes. So, the body tries to make up for it on its own which results in depleted nutrients.

  • Zinc sulfate

This organic form of zinc is toxic to cells, but also toxic to the environment.




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