Your Bed Is Filled with Lung-Harming Bugs: Here Is How to Kill them Quickly And Naturally

Even though a lot of us have been taught to make our beds as soon as we wake up, it appears that this habit may be trapping millions of bugs in our sheets. These bugs, also known as dust mites, have been associated with asthma and allergic reactions and skin problems too.

On the other hand, leaving your bed unmade for some time and exposing the dust mites to fresh air and sufficient light will dehydrate and destroy them, experts believe. Let us learn more about how to protect ourselves from dust mites.

Protect Yourself: Stop Making Your Bed in the Morning

Stephen Pretlove, doctor and professor at the Kingston University School of Architecture says that making our beds as soon as we get up will trap the skin cells, body heat, and our sweat among the sheets. Nonetheless, if you leave it for some time and expose the bed and sheets to light and air, the dust mites will not be able to survive and you will be less prone to asthma and allergic reactions.

Dust mites “love” the sweat which we release during sweat and believe it or not, the average individual may sweat for up to 1 liter of fluid per night! Moreover, scientists claim that there could be up to half million dust mites in the average bed and they are feeding themselves with our old skin cells which we shed during sleep.

The Major Problem with Dust Mites

When it comes to dust mites, their existence is not as problematic as what they leave behind, i.e. their excretions are to blame for your dust allergies and asthma attacks. Therefore, in addition to leaving your bed unmade for an hour or two after waking up, you should also regularly wash the sheets and pillow cases, optimally every week or two to ensure optimal cleanliness.

Before you head out, do not miss on the following video to learn more about dust mites and how to destroy them and preserve your health: