Discover the Amazing Story behind Your Birth Date

Who does not love birthdays, right? You get together with friends and family to celebrate the miracle of your birth. However, a lot of people believe that this special day is even more unique and it goes beyond celebration. It has to do a lot with numerology. Let us learn more about numerology.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and the role they play in people’s lives. It can reveal important information about one’s personality and talents. What you need is your date of birth and some adding of numbers, as noted on Healthy Holistic Living.

What You Need to Do

Do you want to find out more about your personality and talents? No worries, here is what you will need to do to determine your birth number.

March 5, 1993 or 3/5/1993



If your number gives a two digit number, add the two numbers and continue doing this until you get a single digit, which is your birth number.

Birth Number Meaning

No.1- Original

Your goal in life is to be unique and thus, you constantly “break” norms and limits. You do not fear the unknown. You always come up with original ideas. However, other people may not always be understanding of your vision and often times, you may actually benefit from doing things “in the way they have always been done”.

No.2- Diplomat

Throughout your life, you tend to put others before yourself and you care and serve them. Your purpose is to bring peace and harmony in the world and you do not fear what needs to be done to achieve this. You are determined, strong, and willing to sacrifice things for the good of the people. However, remember the importance of self care and how good it actually is to put your own needs first.

No.3- Party Animal

You are a person who lives for laughter, fun, and adventure and you do not worry about where life takes you. You are aware that life is a journey and you need to have as much happiness and fun while you are on it. You “pull” people with your love, light, and energy. But, life may require from you to make crucial decisions throughout it and thus, stand with the feet firmly on the ground at one point.

No.4- Traditionalist

Your life is based on order and routine and for you, everything in life has its time and place and you go through these things with ease. You are very hard-working and want to invest in your dreams and goals. From time to time, try and compromise and to accept change. This may be crucial for a lot of things, including relationships.

No. 5- Risk taker

The main drive in your life is adrenaline, adventure, and curiosity. You are keen on trying out new things, especially ones that involve risk-taking. You attract people with your adventurous spirit and outside-of-the-box way of thinking. But, though risks may increase the adventure in your life, make sure you do not exaggerate. Remember that rules are there for a reason.

No. 6- Romantic

Your life is full of joy and love and you share these beauties with others. People appreciate your kindness and honesty, as well as your loyalty. If needed, you will sacrifice yourself to see the smiles on the faces of people you love. But, you also have your own needs to meet; therefore, whenever you feel the need for help, do not hesitate to ask for it.

No. 7- Philosopher

You enjoy learning new things a lot and you are constantly trying to find the answer to everything and you always have a lot of questions. The dedication to knowledge is what helps you achieve your dreams and goals; however, it may also isolate you. Therefore, work on cultivating your relationships because they are a crucial support for your future endeavors.

No.8- Leader

You are a born leader and a determined, confident, and bold person and this is why a lot of people expect from you to offer them advice and help. You keep your focus on your dreams and goals and you are not afraid to take charge. But, be cautious and try not to neglect the feelings and needs of friends and family, because it may cost your relationships.

No.9- Entertainer

You can always find something to smile about, particularly during challenging moments. People appreciate your joy and charisma and your care and compassion. You dream of finding the goodness in the world, but also do your best to create it yourself and make the world a better place for everyone. But, there are times and places in life to be sad. This is crucial so that there can be balance in the world.




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