Important List: 40 Studies Proving GMOs Destroy Our Health & Cause Cancer

Genetic modification is a process during which scientists change the genetic material of a specific organism, usually by transferring genes from one organism to another, as seen on Longevity Box.

In agriculture, this method is used to increase plants’ resistance to illnesses and pesticides. This also elevates the nutritional value of a plant and elevates its growth and enhances its taste. But, anti-GMO proponents explain that genetic modification is no good for us and that it can cause serious health issues, including cancer.

On the other hand, companies that produce GMO foods claim that this is a safe and even beneficial practice.

Studies Show that GMOs Are Bad for Us

Despite what you may think about GMOs, they cannot be good for us because it is food which is made artificially and in a laboratory! And, this is not just some claim, but there are numerous studies that have proven the negative impact of their consumption. Moreover, these foods are often made with dangerous preservatives with the goal to prolong their shelf life for years.

Numerous pro-GMO companies, including Monsanto and Dow, spend a lot of funds and time to cover up the dangers associated with their GMO foods. They have even resorted to extremes such as hiring scientists and making their own studies that present GMO foods in a positive context.

GMOs Cause Cancer!

Seralini is a French molecular biologist and together with his team, they did a study during which they fed lab mice with GMOs. The mice developed cancers and eventually died as a result of the disease. However, GMO companies have done all they could to discredit the study’s evident results and have criticized it publically a lot.

Other Studies Show the Dangerous Effect of GMOs

In addition to the Seralini one, there are numerous other studies which have shown the negative effect of GMOs have on our overall health, particularly if we consume them frequently. Some of the most dangerous health issues associated with artificially-produced food include liver damage, weight gain, kidney issues, thyroid gland problems, high cholesterol, and congenital disabilities.

Do not forget to check out this link to see all of the studies showing why GMO foods are not good for us.



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