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Could this Spice Really Extend Our Life?

Could this Spice Really Extend Our Life?

Chilli peppers aren’t just good for adding that special flavour to a long list of meals, but seem to be beneficial for our health and can help us live longer, according to a new study. The research team from the Ohio Cleveland Clinic review health records of more than 57,000 […]

Learn Why We Need Serotonin & How to Increase it Naturally

Why We Need Serotonin And How To Boost It Naturally

Serotonin is a hormone which plays a major role in almost all human behavioral processes, from our emotions, motor skills to digestion; this is a potent chemical that’s vital for our life and bodily functions. Its receptors are found in several parts of the brain and work as neurotransmitters and […]

Scientists Found a Link between Poor Diet & Cancer

Scientists Confirm Link Between Cancer Diagnosis And Bad Diet

For some years now, the scientific world has been trying to collect conclusive studies for the connection between unhealthy diet and higher risk of cancer. Though it has been considered a contributing factor, studies have not been conclusive about whether a poor diet can lead to cancer, until recently. Namely, […]