Spice Up Your Romantic Life by Adding these 5 Food Aphrodisiacs to Your Diet

Aphrodisiacs are foods or drugs which arouse our sexual instincts, encourage our desire or better our sexual performance and pleasure.

The list of drugs that are marketed for their ability to boost our libidos is long. Still, there are people who prefer the natural variant because it’s safer and comes with fewer side effects.

This being said, if you’re on the lookout to spice up your sexual and romantic life, we warmly recommend adding these 5 natural aphrodisiacs to your diet!

5 Food Aphrodisiacs to Add to Your Diet


Almonds are an awesome afternoon or late-night snack.

But, what you may not have known is that it also serves to improve men’s libido.

Whether raw or roasted, almonds can help you better your sexual health. If you’re not the biggest fan of this nut, you can also try almond milk or almond butter.

Thanks to this nut’s protein and fiber, your blood flow will be better and you’ll have a good flow of energy in the sexual organs.


Although it may not provide you with the most pleasant breath, it’s a really good aphrodisiac.

It will boost the libido which is believed to be a result of the increased blood flow in the sexual organs.


Abundant in antioxidants and antihistamines, cherries are an awesome fruit to keep your immunity strong.

Moreover, thanks to its natural ability to boost the pheromone production, it also makes an excellent libido booster. Pheromones are the hormones which encourage our sexual arousal.


Did you know that honey boosts the sexual hormones in both men and women?

And, by elevating the secretion of the testosterone and estrogen, it helps us increase our sexual arousal.


This spice is something we commonly add to a variety of dishes; but, little do we know that it’s also awesome for enhancing a woman’s libido.

Thanks to its fragrant aroma, it stimulates the sexual desire in both men and women. When possible, add it fresh to meals!




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