Heal Your Body with Rooibos Tea: The 5 Best Health Benefits for You

Rooibos (ROY-boss) tea is a red herbal tea which is made from the fermented leaves of a shrub plant from South Africa.

It’s a common alternative to black or green tea. There’s also an unfermented option of this tea available.

It’s a sweet, delicate, and earthy tea which is rich in some antioxidants. The tea has been drunk in the south of Africa for centuries, but today, it’s a well-known and loved tea worldwide too.

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Although the research into this tea and its healing properties is lacking, some of the available data on its benefits makes it a great choice for a healthy beverage.

But, though this tea can boost your antioxidant levels, it’s not a very good source of minerals and vitamins, except from fluoride and copper.

Below, check out the 5 best reasons why you should consume this tea more often…

5 Best Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

  • Elevates your antioxidant levels

Rooibos tea is a good way to up your antioxidant levels. Antioxidants help us fight off harmful free radicals which can contribute to inflammation, cancer, and cell damage.

The glutathione antioxidant present in this tea was found to protect from inflammation, free radicals, pathogens, and toxins.

  • May better the cardiovascular health

The antioxidants from this tea may improve the heart’s health.

First, it can help balance the blood pressure through the inhabitation of the ACE enzyme.

Second, it can lower the bad cholesterol and elevate the good.

  • May be good for people with type 2 diabetes

Rooibos tea is the only known natural source of aspalathin antioxidant which according to animal studies may have a positive effect on diabetes patients.

It reduced the levels of blood sugar and lowered the insulin resistance.

  • May lower the risk of cancer

The luteolin and quercetin, antioxidants present in this tea, killed cancerous cells in test-tube studies and averted the growth of tumors.

But, the amount of these antioxidants in one cup of this tea is quite small.

  • Low on tannins

Tannins are natural compounds present in a lot of plant foods like green and black tea and red wine.

These compounds reduce the body’s absorption of iron, especially the non-heme one from plants.

Since it’s quite low on tannins, this tea was found that it didn’t have a negative impact on people’s iron levels.