Nutritionists Recommend these 5 Herbs to People Struggling with Hair Loss

If you want thicker hair and if you’re struggling with hair loss, you should know that there are natural ways to tackle this common problem.

First, you need to eat a healthy diet and get the needed vitamins and minerals for a healthy scalp and a good hair growth.

When you do this, you should also practice adding some herbs to your daily diet that nutritionists consider beneficial for fighting off hair loss.

Hair Loss, a Common Issue for Men & Women

Hair loss is very common problem for a lot of men and women globally. The reasons for hair loss are numerous, including excessive stress exposure, unhealthy diet, health problems, aging, etc.

Although the treatment of hair loss is ultimately individual because every person is different, there are some methods all people dealing with this problem can try.

One such example is herbs that have the power to nourish your scalp, boost your hair growth, and reduce the risk of hair loss.

Below, check out 5 herbs that nutritionists recommend to people dealing with hair loss!

5 Great Herbs for People Who Want to Lower Hair Loss


The methanol in peppermint is believed to boost the blood flow and its topical application to the scalp can help boost the hair’s strength and growth.

You can use peppermint essential oil onto the scalp to stimulate it and regenerate the follicles.

Use the oil to make a DIY anti-hair fall hair mask- dilute 4 drops of the oil and 1 part of coconut oil and 2 parts olive oil.

Apply the mixture onto the scalp by massaging it gently into it. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse off the hair.


This is one of the most popular herbs for people dealing with hair fall- it will nourish your follicles and scalp.

Use the essential oil to make scalp massages before bedtime- it will boost your blood flow and encourage nutrient supply for healthier hair growth.


This herb can help cleanse the scalp from toxins and restore the pigments in the hair. By boosting your hair health and scalp health, your hair loss will drop.

Apply several drops of rosemary essential oil onto the scalp and leave it overnight. For best outcome, be diligent and persistent.

Nettle leaf

Abundant in minerals that play a role in the growth of hair, including calcium, sulfur, and silica, nettle leaf can be a useful way to improve the production of collagen, crucial for a healthy hair growth.

You can consume it in the form of tea every day for a period of 30 days.


This adaptogenic herb can help enhance your hair growth and reduce stress.

Stress can have a negative impact on the body and reduce the hair growth as it’s not the highest priority and the body will redirect the nutrients into more important functions.

But, this can lead to a weaker hair and possibly weight loss- this is why you may need this amazing herb to your diet.