How to Drop 19 Pounds fast with this Shortcut Keto Diet

If you want to shed surplus pounds even when life is busy and full of stress, check out this diet hack: drink two of these shakes per day and have one sensible meal- the ideal keto way.

According to great-grandmother from Florida, Karen Lyon, 77, she was losing weight fast without complicated things to have to work out.

She managed to go from a size 20 to a size 10 and it’s not just worked awesome for her, but it worked better than other diets she tried out.

And, experts seem to back her up; since everything is pre-measured, every shake has the right blend of protein, fat, and carbs and proven to help make the keto diet work optimally.

Drop Pounds Fast with this Shortcut Keto Diet

The basic keto plan gets 70 percent of the calories from fat, 25 percent from protein, and 5 percent from carbs. This food formula changes the body into a fat-burning mode, according to Dr. Perlmutter.

Our body is in a way programmed to use carbs as the main fuel and it skimps on carbs.

It goes onto the backup fuel known as ketones. Since our body makes ketones mostly from the fat in the fat cells, findings show that keto speeds up the loss of fat by stunning 900 percent.

Despite all keto meals being based on the same food formula; no other option is as precise as keto shakes.

Dr Perlmutter notes that anytime we consume too many carbs or too much protein, we stimulate blood sugar production which further ceases the ketone production and postpones progress.

Shakes are a fuss-free way to keep the body in the fat-burning zone. Yale research indicates that the fewer calories we consume on keto, the deeper it goes into the fat stores and the higher the amount we lose is.

The Keto Shortcut Diet Explained

Enjoy 2 keto meals per day and add a keto dinner with veggies, protein, and good fat. You can also consume a low-carb snack.


1 scoop of shake mix with a cup of water, 2/3 cup of coconut milk and several frozen strawberries


Another shake or a low-carb tortilla with bacon, meat, avocado, and veggies


Celery with some nuts and cheese; 1 to 2 hard-boiled eggs (snack only if you’re hungry)


Heat a meal-replacement soup with keto additions like veggies and sausages

The Mocha Almond Milkshake

You need:

2 cups of brewed coffee

½ cup of almond milk, sugar-free

¼ cup of heavy cream

1 mocha or chocolate keto shake mix

½ tsp of almond extract



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